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Building eCommerce platforms for B2B and B2c stores using the latest eCommerce tools, technologies and integrations. Offering smooth and engaging user journey, secure checkout and easy to manage backend on a scalable cloud infrastructure.

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Endless possibilities for your eCommerce

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Custom eCommerce

Design and development of eCommerce according to your specific requirements. All eCommerce websites we develop are SEO optimised, secured using an SSL certificate, fast loading thanks to cloud hosting and global CDN and mobile-friendly.

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All-in-one platforms

All the features an online store should have in one platform. We are partners with Wix Shopify, Squarespace and BigCommerce and can set up, design or customise themes and templates for your online store. Have your eCommerce set up in days!

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Ecommerce mobile app

When designing your mobile eCommerce app, our attention is on intuitive design, seamless navigation and secure checkout. Flawless imagery and use of VR plays a vital role in your customers' decision-making process.


Stunning eCommerce design

Our UX designers create a simple and enjoyable experience for your eCommerce users. Making the navigation intuitive and designing product pages that improve conversion. Providing users with flawless product images and videos, detailed product information and personalised customer experiences. Your online store's checkout is the final step in the buyer journey. We always look at ways to make the checkout process fast, user-friendly and using UX design best practices to reduce shopping cart abandonment.


Advanced API integrations

Integrating third party APIs with your eCommerce website or mobile application can save development time and costs. Scale your eCommerce faster with the help of API integrations. Using login API for identity management and letting your users log in to your online store using Facebook. For international eCommerce websites and mobile applications, there are APIs for sales tax calculation, real-time currency exchange rate or shipping calculations. Our eCommerce developers can integrate APIs with custom-built stores or platform-specific integration like BigCommerce and Shopify.


Flexible payment methods

You can't have a successful eCommerce website or app without accepting electronic payments. More choices you offer to your customer the better conversion. Our developers have experience in integrating many forms of payments. From Paypal, Braintree to Stripe. Whether you need a subscription-based store or the ability to accept Apple Pay on the web or in a mobile app, talk to us. Using well-established payment processing systems like Stripe makes your eCommerce trustworthy, secure and usable.

Secure and fast checkout on web and mobile

All eCommerce websites and mobile apps we develop are protected by the same level of security used by banks. SSL certificate installation is included in all our eCommerce projects for free.

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eCommerce specialists

Whether you need to launch a luxury fashion store, expand your eCommerce internationally or diversify your restaurant online, you need an experienced eCommerce agency. Building your store using Shopify, Squarespace or BigCommerce gives you all the retail and marketing tools in one easy to manage platform. With us, you could have your store set up and ready to go in days!

Shopify eCommerce agency

Shopify powers stores for ambitious entrepreneurs all over the world. We can customise a Shopify theme or design a custom Shopify template that reflects your brand. You can manage your store from your mobile and add features and functionality to your online store with Shopify apps. Shopify supports mobile commerce so your customers can buy from your store using their mobile phone.

BigCommerce agency

BigCommerce offers fast page load and high converting eCommerce templates that are highly customisable. We can help you migrate from other eCommerce solution to BigCommerce or improve and optimise your existing BigCommerce store. Maybe you would like to launch new products or expand to new markets. BigCommerce also offers mobile cart one-page checkout and built-in conversion features.

Squarespace eCommerce

Showcase your products using one of the many commerce templates Squarespace has to offer. Let your customers browse products, add items to a shopping cart and checkout efficiently. Squarespace online store offers flexible shipping and API, and you can even sell on social media or sell subscriptions. In the business of selling services? We can set up your Squarespace shop to schedule appointments with online bookings and calendars.

Wix eCommerce

Flexible eCommerce platform offering 500+ storefront designs, dropshipping and multichannel sales to ambitious entrepreneurs. Our Wix specialists customise Wix storefront and cart and set up custom shipping rules or offer international shipping. Reach more customers by selling your products on Facebook and Instagram. Why not expand your online store by sourcing products with dropshipping.

Ecommerce design aimed at user satisfaction

Empire Elements is an eCommerce agency helping you achieve profitable long-term growth. While increasing sales is essential for growth, what matters most is how profitable your online store is. Work with us, the eCommerce development company always looking at ways to reduce your overhead, running costs and improve ROI.

Choose the right technology and partners

Choosing the right eCommerce app developers to partner with long term can directly affect your growth. If you want to grow, you must work with a full solution eCommerce agency that builds your store on a robust and scalable foundation.

Convert shoppers into paying customers

So, you are driving high-quality traffic and nurturing leads, but you need to convert shoppers into paying customers. Continuous conversion optimisation is a must to keep improving conversion rate for email leads and website visitors.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

It may be time to redesign your shopping cart. Are your forms long and frustrating to fill-in? Do you offer guest checkout or forcing shoppers to register? Engage with shoppers in the key stages of their journey and help them make a flawless purchase.

Maintain customer loyalty and increase trust

You need customer trust and loyalty to succeed. When designing your eCommerce store, we focus on making user journeys smooth, from browsing products to checkout. Provide great customer service, and you will have loyal customers.

How we design and develop custom eCommerce

Helping you thrive in the eCommerce world by researching customer behaviour and buying patterns.

Research, Wireframing, UX design

We conduct thorough competitor research and develop a plan to make your online store stand out. Then we think of the user journey and start producing wireframes. Giving you an overview of the layout and content. Our UX designers then create engaging designs based on the wireframes. Using UX design patterns.

Front end and backend, Agile development

Front end and backend designs are hand-coded, you can see the progress while code is regularly updated in Github repository. Any third-party API integrations are carried out at this stage too. You will be able to see the progress of our work. We add all content to the store, including product images and description.

Cloud architecture, QA testing, eCommerce launch

Highly skilled DevOps engineers design and build cloud architecture tailored to the requirements of your eCommerce project. If you want to grow; you need a robust, scalable cloud infrastructure that can scale in line with your online business. Fully tested website is then launched.

All our eCommerce projects include

Our eCommerce store development services are focused on the customer shopping experience and delivering tangible results for your online business. Empire Elements is a full-service eCommerce agency offering design, integration, migration, development, cloud architecture and ongoing support.

Secure payment gate

We are working with the leading payment providers, Stripe and Paypal to offer highly secure shopping cart checkout solutions when developing custom eCommerce. Shopify, Squarespace or BigCommerce have their secure checkout.

Unlimited product listings

Some top eCommerce development companies may impose a limit on the number of products you can list in your custom-developed store. With use, there are no limits to how many products or pages your eCommerce has.

Business model support

Your eCommerce business model could be to sell a subscription, sell digital content via direct download link or collect donations. Whatever your business model, our custom eCommerce solution, BigCommerce, Shopify and Squarespace supports it.

Fast cloud hosting

To scale your eCommerce business, you need to build your store on a robust foundation. Our DevOps plan and build a highly scalable cloud architecture that can withstand traffic spikes and grows in line with your business.

Responsive design

Our eCommerce designers create fully responsive customer-focused designs with UX design patterns and buyer behaviour patterns in mind. We can create custom design templates for Shopify, Squarespace and BigCommerce.

Fast turnarounds

When working with an eCommerce development agency, you expect regular updates and changes reflected on your eCommerce website fast. Our speciality is to deliver eCommerce projects on time and budget.

Ecommerce support & maintenance plans

MONTHLY plans to keep your eCommerce website updated, secured and optimised.


    Keeping your eCommerce website optimised and secure, every month. Making sure your Shopify, Squarespace, Wix or BigCommerce store is optimised, running smoothly and open for business.



    Unlimited updates to your eCommerce website including Shopify, Wix, Squarespace or Bigcommerce. Need to add new content, change an image, update phone number? Fast turnarounds guaranteed.

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shopping mobile app design

Ecommerce app development services for Android and iPhone

  • Personalised shopping

    Engaging experience and retaining users help build a successful eCommerce mobile application in the long term. Send personalised push notifications to buy products they would want based on machine learning.

  • One-click payments

    The fastest and most secure checkout possible, paying with Touch ID technology. Customers don't have to fill in long forms with their delivery address. The simplest way to boost impulse purchases.

  • AR technology

    Using AR technology in your eCommerce mobile application can give you a significant competitive advantage. Show how your customers will look like dressed in your clothing, having your furniture in their homes or wearing an engagement ring.

  • Geofencing

    This mobile eCommerce technology allows your shopping app to monitor the user location. You can use this to send targeted push notifications benefiting from the timing as well as user's buying intent.

We've impressed our clients

We sell Snapchat like masks and filters. Empire Elements integrated Apple's in-app purchases feature and personalised push notifications.


We needed a highly secure payment checkout, and Empire Elements integrated Stripe and Paypal. All in and out transactions are automatically calculated, including commission and insurance fees.


eCommerce store development services using the latest technology

Online store migration

Migrating your existing store to a custom solution or all-in-one platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace or BigCommerce.

Expand to new markets

Planning an international expansion adding multi-currency or multi-language features to localise your store for a global audience.

Do you have some eCommerce website questions?

Not sure where to start?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from clients

Big Commerce seems to be leading the pack with amazing features and high level of customisability. Shopify is not much behind with reliable performance and features. Those are the platforms to build your eCommerce website with. However, there is a third option, an entirely custom-built which could be a large project to undertake if you are starting a business.
Creating a completely custom website should be considered for growing and established businesses. If you have grand plans and you need a set of very custom features, we can build your eCommerce from scratch. But if you are a small business just starting to sell products, you will be better off with options like Shopify or Big Commerce. Both platforms have pros and cons and offer a huge set of features
If you need a website and start selling as possible, then we can help. This is kind of work we specialise in, and you can use our experience to make the best technological choice for your business. You should focus on building the essential features, grow your brand and establish your presence on the market place. Then have a solid marketing plan and grow your customer base.
We sure can give you some tips on how to improve your eCommerce website business. We can perform an audit or market research to help you make better-informed decisions and use technology to your advantage and sell more products. Using analytics, we can measure key performance indicators and even make A/B testing your tool for growth.
Make your website easy to use. Easy to register, to browse, to filter products, to navigate and to pay for. Make it as easy as possible! Having great product images, descriptions and public reviews definitely helps too. Measure your traffic and of course, never forget marketing! You need a solid marketing plan and strategy. But don't worry, we can help you with that.
Make your website easy to use. Easy to register, to browse, to filter products, to navigate and to pay for. Make it as easy as possible! Having great product images, descriptions and public reviews definitely helps too. Measure your traffic and of course, never forget marketing! You need a solid marketing plan and strategy. But don't worry, we can help you with that.
First, you should perform keyword research, on your brand, your products and your categories. It will make things a lot easier. Writing SEO product titles, compelling descriptions and fantastic pictures are all helping your eCommerce website discoverability and conversion rates. There are technical aspects we can help you with like SSL certifications, SEO friendly URLs, product imports, backups, usability testing and mobile responsive design and development.
Depending on which platform you choose to use, prices can be from £1,000 up to £50,000 for a fully custom-built solution with custom product import, export, stock and even delivery company API integration.
We sure can, and we definitely recommend using a custom landing page design to promote your products. Custom-designed landing pages are highly optimised to meet your specific needs based on your target audience and conversion goal.

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