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Google SDK to develop reliable and beautiful mobile apps across platforms

Fast development

Don't compromise! Get fast time-to-market development and your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) out there with features you want. Flutter is enabling Empire Elements to create high-quality user experiences with excellent performance. And from a single shared codebase.

Beautiful UI

Flutter supports Material Design and Cupertino from the outset. For any platform, even the web, create your own unique app design style without restrictions. And of course, there are themes which means we can update your app UI accordingly easily.

Native performance

Flutter draws every pixel with the Skia graphics engine, and it supports full 2D UI or animations but can utilise plugins comfortably for AR/VR, and even gaming is possible. Flutter framework offers nearly native performance, running up to 120 FPS on some devices.

iOS and Android

Beautiful, high-performance and outstanding mobile apps on both platforms and a single codebase. Flutter's popularity is increasing rapidly, among the developers and startups, it is now easier and faster to deliver on all platforms.

Dart language

MVC model and plugins and widgets. Flutter is extensible with third-party plugins, including UI components, even augmented reality, machine learning. Google maintains both Flutter itself and Dart language as an open-source project.

Firebase APIs

Flutter is integrated with Firebase! Features such as Analytics, Authentication, cloud functions, crash reporting, hosting, cloud storage, real-time database and much more which enables to build robust, secure and scalable apps using world-class infrastructure.

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Flutter application development for iOS and Android

  • Amazing native app performances

    Flutter runs on 60 FPS on all phones and even at 120 FPS on phones that support it. Flutter means fast app startup times and fewer performance issues than perhaps any other framework.

  • Quicker time-to-market

    When the time to market matters and you need a smooth, single codebase for your project. Flutter uses fast MVC model, pre-built themes and widgets. That means speedier coding, less testing, fewer issues, faster apps and better user experiences. Need an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your app to show it to your investors? Flutter will be perfect, especially if you have little time.

  • Highly-attractive UI

    The same app UI on older devices and across the platforms. It's a great chance to build beautiful, high-performance and outstanding mobile apps which fit your custom needs and requirements. Expressive User Interface, visually alluring Cross-Platform Native apps with widget library built of Material Design for Android app and Cupertino for iOS app.

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