Google Cloud solutions

Migrate and modernize your business applications and workloads

Google Cloud Platform is the ideal place for small to medium-size businesses and startups. Google's pricing is pay-as-you-go basis and perhaps cheaper than other cloud service providers. There are 215 Google services available across 60 zones and 35 countries with 4 million paying customers.

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Google Cloud infrastructure

Speed, reliability, and productivity

Hosting your website

Count on Google to host your website. Website hosted on a fast, reliable network that loads quickly and doesn't crash. If you have enough things to worry about, Empire Elements cloud engineers can take care of hosting your website, web or a mobile application so that you can focus on building your business.

Global infrastructure

As you can imagine, Google's cloud computing network is vast. Spaning over 61 zines, 130 points of presence and across more than 35 countries around the world. You can reduce business risks and grow with the Google cloud network, develop new and modern software products your customers will enjoy across the globe.

Infinite cloud storage

Object storage with a global edge-caching network offers excellent opportunities to grow your web or mobile application. With your customers storing those pictures and videos you don't even have to worry about storage. Google Cloud storage offers geo-redundancy, caching, effortless control, performance and location services too.

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Ensure scalability and performance for the future

Optimise use of services and cost

Improve speed to market continuous deployment

High-performing applications

if your application needs a boost or you are developing a new version? Better, smarter, user friendlier and modern? Make your app cloud‐native. Embrace modern cloud‐native approaches like serverless, microservices, and containers with Google Cloud. Speed, security, reliability is where your business benefits the most.

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Location services from Google are amazing. We can offer a seamless experience across different platforms.
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Robust Google Cloud services should be at the core of your web or web app development

Building modern web apps

Startups and entrepreneurs usually want to make apps fast, without restrictions and limits, with the option to grow business rapidly and get a large number of customers quickly. It is only possible with a well designed, secure and reliable network. Embrace constant innovation and rapid deployment.

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Managed Dev-Ops services


Certified DevOps engineers

Google certified cloud solutions architects and certified DevOps engineers have the expertise to design, architect, build and manage robust and scalable Google Cloud infrastructures.

Google certified cloud solutions architects

Reliable data security

Easier to meet compliance requirements, reduction of costs on data storage and cloud computing while innovating with tools designed for business.

Data security is an essential service. If you need to review your current architecture, help to get compliant or simply want to have a competitive edge and move your business faster.

Your global foundation for your app

A complete set of tools

From your email to big data, machine learning and quantum computing

Cloud Storage

Durable, secure and always available Cloud Storage services. Global network from an ever-growing list of worldwide locations.

Compute Engine

Scalable and high-performance virtual machines to build your business applications. Easy configuration to your case and ready to integrate with other services.

G Suite

Everyone knows Gmail and how reliable it is. You can have the same level of security and reliability for your business email with other productivity and collaboration tools for business.

App Engine

Fully managed serverless and modern applications in the cloud. No servers to manage, no patches or security updates. Just add your code with automatic scaling option.

Google Maps Platform

Customised maps and street view. Service we are all familiar with and your application can now use. Build immersive experience with 100 million points of interest.


A fantastic platform to build modern web and mobile apps fast, without managing infrastructure. You can use analytics, databases, messaging and even machine learning.

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