It always starts with a crazy idea.
What's yours?

So, you have a startup app idea, now what?

You need a startup development company to create an interactive prototype to show your investors and early adopters. Let's turn your idea into a prototype and then create a solid plan for future development.

Validate the idea first

Startup costs for app development can be high. If you don't have a clear plan of what you are building, it can be confusing and overwhelming. It does not have to be. With our guidance, you can take the first step towards growing your tech startup to a million users.

Find your tech partner

We know it can be overwhelming choosing the right mobile app development company. You are amongst other successful startup clients, and we share all our knowledge with you. From tech startup development, business growth to content marketing strategy. 

Attract the right investors

Having your investor pitch deck designed is just one part of attracting the right investors. First, you need to make your idea investable. How does your solution help the customer, can you quickly explain it in three sentences? If not, we are here to help you.

From an idea to prototype in 30 days

Everything you need to validate your idea quickly. Sign up early adopters and get their feedback and approach your ideal investors.


Know your target audience

Always think of the customer when creating a solution to a problem. It will go a long way explaining your idea to investors.

Offer the best user experience

Nobody likes a slow and confusing app. Building upon your user feedback is an essential ingredient to your success.


Wow your investors with an interactive prototype

The first step is all about showing your idea to the right investor. It needs to be polished, easy to understand with a clear solution to a problem your target users have. When your investors use the interactive prototype on their mobile, they are more likely to invest. After you raise funds from your investors, the next step is to build your MVP app.

Realise your startup app idea.

It's exciting to think of all the functionalities and features you would like your new mobile app to have. But first! Test if your vision will meet your customers' expectations and needs. Don't waste your money and time by developing a product that won't be used.

Your idea is safe

You may have concerns discussing your project with a new startup development company. That's why we sign an NDA.        

No need for detailed specs

Years of experience in tech startup development for others helps us determine the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.        

Long term tech partnership

Finding and hiring your CTO can be costly and time-consuming. We form partnerships with tech startups to become their tech partner.        

Minimising your risk

When building your app idea into a product, you need to build a prototype first and then keep adding more features.

Faster time to market

By developing only the core features of your startup app idea, you can start accumulating traffic and building your online brand.        

Validating your idea

Having a vision is great but will your users love it? Your prototype will help you verify your idea and draw conclusions on the next steps.        

Share your idea with us

Partner with the right startup development company

Everything you need to start right

Big things have small beginnings

Learn from other tech startups and how they save money in the long run by building the right product from the start. Use our experience in building startups to create user stories, winning investor pitch deck and clickable prototype to help you get investors on board.


Startup strategy session

Find out if your idea can actually be built into an app, what technology to use and how the functionality of your app relates to your business plan.

Start with strategy

Interactive prototype

Easy to use clickable prototype is the first milestone. Show it to your early investors, add it to your pitch deck and even put on investor phones.

Get a prototype, fast

Investor pitch design

Informative and 'straight to the point' investor pitch deck prepares you to stand in front of an investor and have all the aces in your hand.

Wow your investors

Quickly validate your idea

Find a problem big enough to be worth solving. Together we will need to find core features for your solution, how they will translate into a business worth investing and developing into an app.

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of startups fail because they don't have the right team


of startups fail because there's no market need for the product


lack sufficient budget to lay the foundation of a startup

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Free resources to help you get started building sucessful startup

5 mistakes costing your tech startup £10,000s PDF

5 mistakes costing your tech startup £10,000s

10 step guide to building a profitable tech startup

10 step guide to building a profitable tech startup

Investors are not interested in your app idea

Investors are not interested in your app idea


Trusted by startups like you.

Here are a few nice things other startups have said about partnering with us.

Do A Wilson

“In addition to formatting the app’s layout, Empire Elements contributed to the graphical designs of those features. Empire Elements conceptualised and developed a trending section within the platform’s home page.”

Do a Wilson, Monaco

“We are thrilled to have finally found a professional web and mobile app development company that listens to our ideas finds solutions on executing and improving them and then delivering much more than expected.”

Nexus Security, Manchester, UK

Do you have questions about making your idea into a prototype?

Are you worried about revealing too much about your idea? Wondering how to get from a concept to interactive prototype fast?

📝 Can you sign an NDA?

Absolutely! If you feel more comfortable talking to us after an NDA is signed, we completely understand. We speak to a lot of startups and sign NDAs on a daily basis.

💡 I have several startup ideas. Which should I work on?

You should focus on the idea that will improve users lives the most. Solving a problem for users is one of the ingredients of a successful startup.

💷 Can you help me raise funds with investors?

We can design an investor pitch deck that you can present to your investors. We can also create an interactive prototype that you can install on your investor's mobile to simulate how the app would work in real life.

📱 What is a startup prototype used for?

A prototype is a great way to design a product that users will want to use but also a tool to win over investors.

🏆 Do I need a prototype to get funding from investors?

Although it's possible to approach investors without having a prototype, you will have to put a lot of time into convincing your investors that your project will be successful and worth their investment. Having a clickable prototype, together with a winning investor pitch deck, will significantly improve your chances of securing the investment.

🙋‍♂️ Who owns the assets you produce for me?

You own all assets. There are no license fees or release fees to pay.

Let's start exploring your idea

We know how technical and overwhelming it can be to look for the right startup development company. That's why we don't use jargon or other buzzwords when discussing your idea.

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