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Platform independent HMTL, CSS and JavaScript framework

Beautiful Default UI

Themes and high-level building blocks components of Ionic are highly customizable, which allow us to construct the UI for your app quickly. All elements can be styled and customised to match your company branding. Ionic offers complete and modern UI component library making the construction of your app faster.


Web-based HTML, CSS, and Javascript frameworks like Angular made their way to mobile because of their stellar popularity. Ionic uses AngularJS for a lot of the core functionality of the framework. Ionic is open-source with excellent expandability and community of developers.

Apache Cordova

The ionic framework utilises Cordova plugins to help us access different device components like Camera, GPS, Flashlight and others. Ionic is an excellent solution for creating both mobile web apps and native apps.

Ionic 4

Ionic 4 was released in January 2019, known as the Ionic for everyone. AngularJS has been replaced by modern Angular and added support for React which achieved massive popularity.

Any JS framework

Our developers love matured frameworks like Angular, React and Vue, so it makes Ionic very attractive choice for a mobile app base. Technology that has open-source support and is stable.

Progressive web apps

With Ionic 4 came set of web components opening possibilities of building Progressive Web Apps and mobile from a single codebase.

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Ionic application development for iOS and Android

  • Single codebase

    Develop an app once, and deploy across iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The main Ionic advantages surround the simplicity that comes with developing an app once, rather than multiple times for separate devices. Built on standard web technology, Ionic helps teams develop and ship beautiful cross-platform hybrid and Progressive Web Apps with ease.

  • Platform independent framework

    The ionic framework allows for the creation of highly interactive, mobile apps that can be deployed across iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

  • Default user interface

    Perfect for your design system. With new theming capabilities and a focus on framework-agnostic web components. Ionic is moving to a "bring your own framework" model. It's exciting times for Ionic framework expanding across platforms and devices.

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Get to the market faster with MVP mobile application

Advanced API integrations

Building and the Ionic app also requires the use of third party services. That could be Stripe for payments, Foursquare for event location and details or Twilio for building better communications. Google Firebase offers a full range of services running on Google Cloud Computing platform.

Building better user experiences faster is essential for MVP app product development. Ionic is usually selected as a cross-platform framework, and rapid and cost-effective development approach is the main benefit. Your app will probably use cloud storage for images, a database for various users and authentication, in-app notifications and even purchases. Selecting the right tools is essential to your app success.

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Use Stripe for payment service integration and offer Google Pay and Apple Pay to your app users

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Foursquare has a fantastic library of location data with more than 105 million places in your app

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A comprehensive app development platform to build virtually any feature for your app

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Engage with your customers like never before, through voice, SMS, video, and WhatsApp

Startups love our MVP app product

From an idea to launch in record time. When the time to market matters, go with Ionic app development

Simple plan
To develop your startup MVP

First, we get to work on user journeys and wireframes. Then we create amazing designs and deliver a complete prototype

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Tips for building better apps

How to create a better app

Building a startup is not easy here are Top 6 business tips from a millionaire

Develop fast

Great team, fast and cost-efficient development are the key ingredients to getting your new app in the app stores

Be minimalistic

Don't try to make everything all at once. Release the least complex features first and focus on MVP

Know your audience

You need to know your customers. Build the app around their needs and help to solve their biggest issues

Keep improving

Don't stop developing your app, adding new features and continue creating an even better user experience

Single codebase

Empire Elements is here to guide you through the development process. From the initial idea to your app in the app store. Using Ionic we can deliver your app faster with fantastic UI and user exprience.

Apple App Store

Our team will help you with App Store submission process. App review can take some time and be quite tedious, but we will take care of that for you. Also, we'll create all assets to create one fantastic store page for your app and even create a FREE landing page.

Google Play Store

It's somewhat easier to get your app listed in the Google Play Store. We'll help you with store page creation and all the screenshots that showcase your brand new app. Oh yes, and we will give you a FREE app landing page too. This page can be used to promote your new app.

Don't be afraid to ask

Do you have burning questions about Ionic app development?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

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Ionic is an open-source, front-end UI framework HTML, CSS and Javascript framework using Apache Cordova or PhoneGap wrapper to build mobile applications. It is a complete mobile app development kit to help to make your app faster and cheaper.
Ionic is a hybrid framework, meaning you only need a single codebase for all platforms. Speed and lower cost of development are the main benefits. However, the concept of a hybrid framework needs a review; the performance is usually impacted. For most cases of data-driven apps, the performance difference will be probably negligible. Ionic is not suited for high-end graphics-dependent applications or games.
Yes, very much so. It is faster to build with and easier to manage. The native UI kit is beautiful and makes a choice for your first MVP app an easy one. Testing and deploying your app is also a bliss.
Yes, the development process is faster thanks to the full set of development tools from UI, built-in components, clear documentation etc. Ionic framework is excellent for quick application ideas prototyping and building your MVP product.
The development time depends on the complexity of your app and its features. A small to middle complexity app would probably take 2-3 months to develop and test.
Yes! All the code we produce will be stored in our Empire Elements GitHub and the entire repository and then transferred to you, including the Wiki and bug tracking records, will be yours.
Depends on the platform of your choice. There are great options from AWS Amplify and Google Firebase, for example. Think about what happens when thousands of users start to use your app; this is where planning to scale up your app will become handy and would save you a lot of resources.

It usually starts with: "I've got this crazy idea!"

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