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iPhone and iOS app development services

Developing high-performance, polished apps with great focus on user experience and app UI designs is possible with iOS native app development. You can benefit from access to multiple platforms at once. iPhone and iOS make the largest market proportion, the newly released iPadOS for iPads for more hands-on experience and then WatchOS 6 to complement the full Apple experience.

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Your app in front of millions of people

Be on the largest app store in the world

The App Store icon

The App Store lets you quickly deliver apps to hundreds of millions of people around the world on their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. With over $120 billion paid to developers, Apple App Store is the most lucrative platform to be building on.

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Apps for Apple iPhone

Your app running on iOS13, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system and have access to cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and even machine learning. All on an iPhone!

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Apps for Apple iPad

Deliver incredible apps for iPad and the new iPadOS. Utilise the power of A12X Bionic chip and Neural Engine - highly efficient, powerful machine learning, enabling all-new possibilities.

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Apps for Apple Watch

WatchOS 6 now offers even more new capabilities. Use complications to show meaningful information, tap to see the heart rate, gyroscope, GPS location and many other services with your app.

Professional, experienced and dedicated

Our team of 50+ Europe based developers have at least five years of commercial experience building fantastic, innovative and exciting apps for Apple platform. Fully embracing agile methodology, we have weekly meetings and two-week sprints to meet milestones and deliver your app on time and budget.

Headquarters in London

Our headquarters are in London, UK and we are a UK registered company. Always available, always professional, and always working with you to make your app success on a global scale.

15+ years of experience

Our commercial experience surpassed 15 years on the market building websites, mobile apps and creating entirely custom cloud computing architecture to support our client's projects.

Do A Wilson Deep AR SDK kit
Do A Wilson in-app purchase

Power of native app development

Use the most advanced iPhone and iPad features directly


In-app purchases and auto-renewable subscriptions provide a simple, powerful way to implement payment mechanism into your app. No need to manage a third party payment provider or subscriptions management panel. It's all available withing your Apple Developer portal.

Apple Pay

Almost half of all iPhone user now use Apple Pay. It's the easiest way to make payments quick and seamless without asking the customer for card details and jump through hoops. And now with the Apple Card it makes even more business sense to offer Apple Pay as the first payment option.


Apple offers fantastic insights into your app performance with this tool. Measure user engagement, marketing campaigns, monetisation, and more for your apps on iOS, macOS, and tvOS - all at once. You can even find out the reasons for subscription cancellation!


Invite users to see your app before public release. Measure performance and collect valuable feedback from thousands of users with this readily available tool. Take advantage of TestFlight and turn testers to customers while focusing on your app marketing.

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Delivering ready to launch mobile apps

  • Consultation and research

    Let's discuss your idea first. A causal consultation, free of charge, without technical jargon. We are happy to sign NDA before we start getting excited about your app. Then we research in detail all available options and discuss the project with the rest of our team.

  • Planning and prototype

    Next step is to create a detailed plan of how we are going to deliver your app and a list of everything we are going to need to build. The discovery phase usually takes 2-3 months, and you will get wireframes, UI designs and prototype. But then, of course, we will provide you with a cloud computing architecture plan.

  • MVP app development

    The development can now start. We know what we are building, and you can see your app come alive in what we call the MVP app development process. It is a fully functional app, in the App Store, available to millions of customers around the world. This is when we celebrate 🥳🎉🥂

Assets we deliver

Our team is dedicated, experienced and understands how to make your projects a great success. Working with us means we are available; we have a plan and team resources to undertake demanding projects. We don't shy away from a challenge, technical or strict development timeline. We work with you toward your success.

User flows

Mapping your customer journey through the app from opening the app and registering right up to purchase


Let's map every page of your app and create a technical blueprint of your idea first. That's wireframing

UX & UI design

Fantastic user experience and beautiful UI directly reflects your brand and makes better conversions

Interactive prototype

A Clickable app like prototype which you can install on your phone and use as if it were a normal mobile app

Cloud architecture

A successful app needs a robust architecture to allow for growth. Our DevOps engineers can build this for you

API integration

When you need to integrate external third-party services like Stripe payments, Google Maps, SendBird for communications

Code in GitHub

Every line of code we write is stored safely in GitHub (or other) for your convenience and our transparency

QA testing

A fully tested mobile app that we are proud to deliver to the app store. That's is what matters to us the most

Your accounts

We develop under your own Apple, Google and AWS accounts. You have the master key, and you retain full control

App store submission

We will help you create an app store page and help you get your app through the app store review process

100 days guarantee

Professional work requires the guarantee, and we give you 100 days where any bug will be resolved for free

Long term partnership

We like to keep working with you and form a lasting relationship. The oldest client has been with us for eight years!

From an idea to millions of users

All great ideas require excellent planning. From the initial idea on a piece of paper to an app in the store is a long way. Well, it's easier if you know how and we know-how. Our team has delivered very complex web and mobile apps for our clients, and we can do the same for you. Each project follows the same plan we first discuss and research, then create wireframes and UI designs, and after you see the prototype, we then start building process. A good plan will save you time and money!

The proven plan
that delivers results

Investing in research and focusing on the customer will pay off in the long run. We follow this simple plan and transform your idea into a web or a mobile app.

Discuss your app idea
mobile app development user flows
mobile app development wireframes
mobile app development designs
mobile app prototyping services

Independently reviewed

Proud to be recognised for our work developing apps for Android, iPhone and iPad and being one of the best app development agencies in London, UK. Read our client testimonials conducted by independent reviewer company Clutch.

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We deliver on

Sensible approach company

Being available, helpful, and with a detailed plan to deliver your project on time and budget.

Single contact

You will not be forwarded from one person to another. You will always talk to the same person, your single point of contact throughout the project.

Fast communication

Why wait? We respond in minutes, and we are always available to discuss your ideas, to update you on project progress or share new ideas.

No surprise costs

You will only pay what we agree upon. There are no surprise costs, hidden management fees. Our costing is always transparent and fair.

Beautifull app UI

Native development or hybrid framework, we create unique and beautiful user experiences with fantastic UI elements for your mobile app.

What's your app story?

Starting small with MVP or going full speed ahead with fill service. Tell us your app story! And don't worry even if you don't have a plan, we'll help you with that.

MVP mobile app development for startup

MVP mobile app development for startup

If you'd like to start sensibly with the minimum viable product (MVP), we have three packages on offer. You can choose a smaller prototype and pitch deck to show to investors and to validate your idea. Maybe you would like us to create detailed specs documents for architecture to support your app.

Have clear idead what you want to build

Have a clear idea of what you want to build

If you are sure what you want to develop and you need a reliable and professional team with a plan to help you make your incredible new app. We offer full service, where you tell us what you need, and we will use our technical skill to help you with development directions to take and get to work on your project.

Taking your app into another level

Taking your app into another level

Maybe you had an app built by another team, but updates are slow, and development is not moving ahead fast enough? No problem, our team is here to set up development pipeline, automate medial tasks and help you get back to speed and introduce new features faster. Get ahead of the competition with us behind you.

Apps delivered to the app stores

Recognised as one of London's best app design and development companies we like to show our work 🙂👇

my hippo space mobile app screen with map
my hippo space mobile app screen with storage space detail
Scoob-E mobile app screen with bookings
Scoob-E mobile app screen with payment
do a wilson mobile app screen with trending videos and photos
do a wilson mobile app screen with my profile

Don't be afraid to ask

Not sure how to start iOS mobile application development?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

Schedule a call email
We need to find out which development route to take and decide between Hybrid vs Native development. Price of an app depends on the complexity of features. We wrote a guide on How much does it cost to build an app? A simple MVP Startup app can cost around £40,000. And a very complex app can go to several hundreds of thousands.
The app development time depends on the features and complexity. App development process is split into several stages. First, we create user stories, and user flows, then wireframes and designs. This stage is called Discovery. After that, we can start with the actual app development and cloud computing platform architecture. Usually, it takes two months to create a prototype. And further 2-3 months to develop a basic startup MVP app.
Yes. We absolutely can. We specialise in helping startup businesses build better products and grow faster. If you would like to discuss your idea with us, we are happy to sign NDA. And you can book a 30-minute call with us to discuss your app.
Full IP and any assets we create belong to you. There is no fee to pay, no licenses or release fees. Anything we create is yours. Empire Elements is a client-focused and full solution agency with no surprise costs!
Anything that would help us understand your app in detail. In any format. A whiteboard screenshot or an idea on a napkin. We are not picky. Some of the best ideas started on a piece of paper. We could arrange a 30-minute phone call to discuss your plan in detail.
A rule of thumb is about 10-20% of your total app cost. You need a reasonable budget for annual maintenance cost. Maintaining an app is critical to its overall success. Regular updates and upgrades could be routine maintenance. Don’t forget the marketing budget!
Apple’s iOS App Store is the place for your app. Your app will have to go through the app review process. Apple will test all aspects of your app. That can take some time. 50% of apps are reviewed in 24 hours. Over 90% are reviewed in 48 hours. On average, over 40% of app rejections are for Guideline 2.1 – Performance: App Completeness. Please don’t underestimate the time it takes to release your app!
Apple releases new iOS in autumn every year. It takes just a couple of months for the adoption rate to reach 80% or more. We want to say always focus on the current version and test new features of the upcoming OS. It could be what separates you from the competition.
Yes, there is. An obvious difference is the screen size of each device. The announcement of iPadOS offers new opportunities. iPad is now becoming the prime focus of fortune 500 companies. Increasing iPad sales mean already valuable digital real estate is rising.

Tools for your success

Long-term business partners, industry knowledge, fast communication.

FREE project management

Fair and transparent pricing for a skilled and reliable team. Empire Elements has a team of 50+ developers across Europe, and we do not apply any unnecessary costs. There is no surcharge for project management of quality assurance or testing. The price you get from us is the final price you pay to deliver your app to the app stores 📱😍

100 days guarantee

We are proud of our work! We love technology, and the work we do comes with 100 days of warranty. If you still manage to find any bugs after it passed our testing and has been deployed to the app store, we will guarantee to fix those issues for free. As pros, we stand behind our work 💯🤝

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