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Are you still sending traffic to just your homepage and wonder why your conversion rate is low? Stop losing money on your paid advertising campaigns and get more conversions with the ultimate landing page design optimised for turning your visitors to customers.

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Custom landing page design

Individually designed, helping to achieve your business goals. Custom-designed landing pages are highly optimised to meet your specific needs based on your target audience and conversion goal.

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Our designers use persuasive psychological patterns and proof elements to create a lead generating landing page.

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Working with you to match your existing branding with our landing page designs

Landing page design services

Target the right customers, achieve your goals

Creating effective landing pages focused on showing value, conversions and results

First, we find out your business goals and what are you looking to achieve with a new or redesigned landing page. Then we set out to design a landing page that converts visitors to customers. A landing page that we can be proud of is a landing page delivering results to your business.

When our designers create the perfect landing page that converts, they focus on user experience, consistent branding, user psychology and proof patterns. The finished result is a high converting landing page design that works on mobile, with fast loading times, smooth and straightforward user journey.

We can design and develop custom landing pages, use Squarespace, Shopify or BigCommerce template to create a landing page or customise a Wordpress theme. You could have your landing page set up on one of these platforms within days!

If you want to work with a landing page design company aiming to design the most profitable landing page for your business and target audience, then talk to us.

Mobile app landing page design

When you launch a mobile app chances are you are going to need at least a landing page to show your privacy policy and t&c. You can then use your mobile app landing page for marketing your mobile app, showing its features and benefits. Have a mobile app project in mind? We offer a free landing page for each mobile app development project!

Product landing page design

What makes your product different from all the others? We answer all these questions when designing your product landing page. Is your conversion goal for users to buy your product? Having payments integrated on your landing page, for example, Stripe makes it easy for potential customers to buy your product, on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Real estate landing page design

As an estate agent, you have plenty of properties for sale or rent. It could be easy for potential buyers to lose interest scrolling through pages of properties. Let our designers create a targeted landing page aimed at a local area or target customer to showcase only the relevant properties. Making it easy to book a property viewing or contact your local estate agent.

SAAS landing page design

Have a web-based on-demand service and need a SAAS landing page designed to highlight customer benefits of using your software? While making it easy to compare subscription plans and sign up? Our landing page designers can create a landing page that sells your subscription service.

Event landing page design

You would be surprised how many event organisers miss essential information from their event landing page designs. Landing page developed by us can be used to promote your event to your audience on social media or your website.

Webinar landing page design

Organising a webinar and need a lead capture landing page design to get visitors to sign up to your webinar? Get in touch to discuss your exact needs for your webinar landing page.

How we design landing pages that convert

Our mission is to provide you with a landing page that increases conversions by having the right message that speaks directly to your target customer.

  • Your objective

    First, we discuss and define the user conversion goal for your landing page. If it's a webinar landing page design, then the action would be to sign up for your webinar.

  • Detailed research

    Once we understand your product or service, we carry out in-depth analysis on what works on your target audience and how to best show your message to your customers.

  • Page wireframe

    A thought-out process of positioning all elements and sections of your new landing page in a way that will draw visitors to your offer. Laying out the page and messaging flow.

  • Design and build

    Custom landing pages are designed in Sketch and then hand-coded by our developers. When creating your landing page in Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify or BigCommerce, we customise your existing theme or set up a new one.

  • Launch and optimise

    Then we launch your landing page for the world to see. We can then discuss the next steps - A/B testing, landing page optimisation.


Creative landing page design

A landing page designed with one goal in mind - user conversion.

examples of landing page designs

Our landing page service includes

Giving you access to a ton of features and support from a professional and creative landing page design and development company

First-class service

When working with a landing page design agency, you expect expert advice on how to design the most profitable landing page for your business but also first-class service. With Empire Elements, you can concentrate on growing your business.

Images included

If you don't have your own images, you would like to use on your landing page design, don't worry. Our designers use bold imagery and video sourced from free stock photos and videos websites Pexels, Pixabay or Unsplash to get your message across.

Conversion focused

You want a landing page that converts, and we want to use our experience to design it for you. We designed and developed landing pages for products, services and mobile apps. Talk to us about your landing page requirements.

Detailed research

To design a targeted landing page and maximise its potential, we spend time doing thorough market research. Finding out what works and doesn't in your target market or industry can't be overlooked. We research design elements and layouts too.

Responsive design

All landing pages we design and develop are responsive and mobile-friendly. Loading fast and flawlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop. Landing pages set up on Wordpress, Shopify, Squarespace or BigCommerce are also responsive.

Fast turnarounds

Being able to deliver landing pages on time and on budget is our speciality. You want updates and changes on your landing page reflected fast. That's why you should hire one of the best landing page design company like Empire Elements.

Landing page development services

Take control of your sales funnel with our landing page design and development services. For startups, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.


When your online store is set up on BigCommerce platform, you may want to promote your product using paid advertising campaign. Don't make the mistake of sending your traffic to a homepage but create a product landing page that targets a specific type of customers. Don't have BigCommerce online store set up yet? We are BigCommerce partners and can set up your online store for you.


Custom designed Wordpress landing pages are our designers' speciality. You could have your Wordpress landing page designed and developed within days. If you already have a Wordpress website, we can create a landing page that matches your branding and offers visitors a smooth experience with user conversion in mind. Let's get you set up.


Whether you need a Squarespace landing page to sell your product or service, our Squarespace experts are here to help. Work with Squarespace design agency to create a landing page, redesign or optimise your existing Squarespace landing page design to increase visitor engagement and conversion rate; to turn visitors into customers and to meet your goals.


Do you run your eCommerce on Shopify's platform? Would you like to work with Shopify partners to create a landing page for your product? We carry out detailed research on your industry and which design patterns work. If you already run paid advertising campaigns on Google or social media and need to optimise your Shopify landing page to improve its conversion rate then get in touch.

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Our mobile app landing page is a marketing channel for global audiences to download our social networking mobile app

Monaco Mobile app landing page design

When we need a landing page designed and developed to promote storage, parking or desk space in specific areas we go to Empire Elements

London Landing page design

To promote our investments Empire Elements designed a custom landing page to target our ideal customers

Muscat Service landing page design

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Design and code 100% yours

Your landing page designs are handed over in Sketch file. Code is transferred to your Github repository.

Aligned with ad campaigns

Stop losing money and improve conversion rates by having a landing page designed for your target audience.

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Not sure how to start creating that awesome landing page?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions our customers ask us

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A landing page is a page of your website that is specifically designed for marketing purpose, with a focus to a single goal. That goal could be a service sign up, contact, call, get feedback, purchase or anything else your marketing needs. A landing page leads your website visitors to a single call to action.
Landing pages have somewhat limited options; they have fewer links and feature a particular message. Ideally personalised to the customer.
Landing pages are indispensable business tools for your marketing efforts. Those are the pages that create leads and convert your visitors to your customers. An excellent landing page will have a higher conversion, which is easy enough to measure, and conversion rates could be your key performance indicators.
Landing page can support your email newsletter, promotions of your products, introducing new products and generally essential to the success of your marketing campaigns.
The captivating headline, showing value to the customer, addressing customer pain-points and offering a solution to their problems. While featuring clever imagery and limited choices. There is no same recipe that works for every business because every business and customer are different. That’s why you should experiment with your marketing and use of landing pages. You can even personalise them by adding a visitor name if they clicked on a link in an email.
The right landing page is that which has the most significant value for the visitor.
I think you should be asking why don’t you have one already. Landing pages support your marketing campaign, so perhaps you need to have a look at the efficiency of your marketing. I bet it can be way better with a fantastic landing page.
How are you getting customers without a landing page?
  1. Have the right message that speaks to the customer and shows value.
  2. Please keep it simple, don’t make them thing. Straight to the point, easy to understand.
  3. Remove distractions like menu, social media and links to other pages.
  4. Use compelling and clear marketing copy.
  5. Keep it fast! Nobody likes to wait for a web page to load.
  6. Mobile-first, don’t forget that the majority of traffic is now on mobile phones.