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Creating mobile apps using the latest UX and UI industry trends and best practices. Building MVPs for startups and delivering fully tested, ready to launch mobile apps for iOS and Android. We turn your ambitious vision and ideas into a mobile app that makes a difference. Solid strategy, stunning design and fantastic user experience.

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Disruptive mobile apps

iOS mobile app development or Android app development?

We build innovative applications for both platforms using native app development or cross-platform development. Our app developers are not afraid to take on a challenge and build demanding mobile applications for various industries. Choosing the right mobile app development company in London or anywhere else in the UK or Europe is key to your app's success. Not sure whether your mobile app should be build in React Native, Swift or Flutter? Don't worry; Empire Elements is here to help you decide what is most beneficial for your users while keeping the solution cost-effective for your business. We are passionate about building productive long term partnerships with our clients and being a part of their growth and success.

Native app development

Very fast and responsive apps because they are built for that specific platform. Offer the ultimate experience to your users. Choose native development for a high-performance commercial software product. A social networking mobile app, Do a Wilson, offering Snapchat like face masks and filters is a native app developed exclusively for iOS using Swift.

Hybrid app development

The development of hybrid applications is cost effective and faster. With a single code base, we can develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms. We love using hot new frameworks like React Native, Ionic and Flutter to build fast and user centred mobile apps. My Hippo Space is our latest hybrid mobile app aiming to shake up the UK's growing sharing economy mobile app market.

UI/UX designs

Focusing on your user with consistent UI using great tools like Sketch or Adobe XD. Our team of UI and UX designers and information architects will create user flows and wireframes to give you a blueprint of how your mobile app will work and its layout. We will also create a clickable prototype of your mobile app that you can use on your phone.

App support

You can rely on our experience to support your app from the beginning. Helping you create Google and Apple developer accounts and setting up beta testing. You will be able to test each app build and see the progress. We will create screenshots for the App store, write the description and keywords. Then submit the app for review and take care of any issues that may arise during the review process.


Gathering business metrics is essential for your app growth and business success. Our developers integrate crash report analytics into your app to monitor any app crashes so these can be looked at before even being reported by users. We also monitor how fast the app is and if there are any load balancing improvements to be made. Your app needs to be fast and able to support thousands of users at the same time.

MVPs for startups

When you have a solid idea about your mobile app and secured funding, then it's time to decide what features to build first. With Minimum Viable Product (MVP) you can launch your mobile app to the market much faster, having just core features. After gathering user feedback you can decide on what additional features to build next and how to improve your end product even further.

App development service like no other

Not just here to build MVP or a mobile app for you, we care about your business and your success
Our active, hands-on CEOs take the time to understand your business and come up with ideas on how your mobile app could differentiate itself from others in the market.

FREE Project management and QA

We don't believe in charging you unnecessarily extra 15 - 20 % of the total cost for project management and testing. We love what we do and include project management and testing as part of our mobile app development service. Your project will be managed by our CEO who will be your point of contact throughout the project. After all, you are hiring a professional app development company in the UK like Empire Elements to deliver fully tested and bug-free mobile app.

100 days guarantee

After we submit your mobile application to Apple and Google app stores for review we will support you during the process. If for any reason the mobile app is rejected, we will fix the issues until your app is released in the app stores. Our support doesn't end there! We guarantee to fix any bugs arising in the first 100 days after the launch. During this time we can also form a plan for developing new features or expanding into new markets while making sure your mobile app is running smooth and fast.

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Scoob-E mobile app loading screen

Transparent and proactive approach

Turning your ambitious ideas into an excellent mobile app

Goals & the plan

We help you define your key objectives, what problem your mobile app solves, which features are most valuable to your customers, your pricing model, and so on. London tech and innovation are growing fast. Keep innovating or get left behind.

Wireframes & design

An essential part of designing your mobile app is to have a clear information architecture, user interface, functionality and visual design. All are contributing to the overall usability and success of your app.

Agile development

To ensure continuous development, we use agile methodologies. This approach gives us the flexibility of incremental and early app releases. Improving quality and speed to market. Beneficial not only for startup MVP development.

Testing & launch

Your mobile app is thoroughly tested for usability and performance issues, and bugs are fixed. Fully tested and bug free app is delivered to you and submitted to Google and Apple app stores for review.

My hippo space mobile app dashboard
My hippo space mobile app booking storage space

Delivering fully tested, ready to launch mobile apps

  • Building your idea

    Watch your idea turn into mockups and then an interactive prototype you can view on your phone. Together we explore the possibilities of your plan and how to develop the right solution for you and your business.

  • 100% transparent

    Fixed price and milestone approach delivers best results. You will be updated weekly on the progress, and we can also send you app builds. Consultations, project management, QA testing and source code are all included for free. Get an idea of how much it costs to build a mobile app.

  • Positive attitude

    Our clients are startups, investors and tech entrepreneurs across Europe and the UK and we are not afraid to take on challenges and demanding tech projects. Working only with a handful of clients at a time means we can fully dedicate to your project.

Assets we deliver

Working with one of UK's top mobile app development companies means you can benefit from long-term, reliable and skilled app developers company as your partners. Not just app developers, we always look at ways to create more revenue streams for your mobile app business.

User flows

Detailed user journey map to visualise the user flow through your mobile app


Blueprint of your mobile app's layout, structure and all its elements

UX & UI design

Visual designs aimed at providing the best possible user experience

Interactive prototype

Clickable prototype created in InVision that you can use on your phone

Cloud architecture

Planned by DevOps engineers then build of scalable, robust cloud infrastructure

API integration

Stripe, Sendbird, Google Maps or other third party API integration and documentation

Code in GitHub

All IP and code belongs to you, we transfer the mobile app code to your Github account

QA testing

Your mobile app is delivered fully tested, all bugs fixed, ready to launch

Your developer accounts

Have full control of your mobile app under your Apple, Google and AWS accounts

App store submission

Creating optimised app store listing, submitting the app for review, fixing any issues

100 days guarantee

We guarantee to fix any bugs arising in the first 100 days after app launch

Long term partnership

Our support continues after delivering your app. Let's grow your business further, together

Mobile apps we developed

Top UK mobile app development company service and we have app examples to prove it 🙂👇

my hippo space mobile app screen with map
my hippo space mobile app screen with storage space detail
Scoob-E mobile app screen with bookings
Scoob-E mobile app screen with payment
do a wilson mobile app screen with trending videos and photos
do a wilson mobile app screen with my profile

Don't be afraid to ask

Not sure how to start mobile application development and want to ask us some questions first?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

Call +442078460326
We offer both options. There are perfectly valid business benefits for each development route. Every project is different we can explore together which choice of app development would be better for you.

To find out more:
This is a usually tricky question to answer. Price of an app really depends on your app and how complex it is. We would first need to discuss your app in a bit more detail to get a practical understanding of how everything works. We usually build apps from £20,0000 to £200,000. The average cost for an average complexity mobile app is around £40,000.

The complexity of your app usually dictates the amount of work to build app features. It can be anything from 3 to 12 months. Average time to build medium complexity app is about 4 months.
You don't need to give us any technical specifications documents! First let's discuss your project casually, over a coffee, and we make notes. Just tell us in your own words about your app idea.
A minimum viable product (MVP) is a concept that stresses the impact of learning in new product development. It is a version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort. Usually, that's a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and to provide feedback for future product development.
Once your app is launched our job is done, but we are not going anywhere! We will be here ready to offer support services as you need. That can be updates, upgrades, architecture management or anything else you might need. We like to be there and available to our clients.
Adaptive maintenance practices are changes made to the applications to keep the system updated. Typical examples would be app updates for new operating system versions, fault correction, performance updates and stability enhancements. If you are interested in such a service, let's have a chat.
Absolutely yes. Any work we do is yours, and you will get to keep your assets, branding, code and anything that we create. You are appointing us to create something for you, so we think it's fair that work is yours. There is no licensing, no leasing. All the work is yours.
Yes, we do! And we will help you to create assets for the app store, write text and even promote your app. And the hidden bonus is that you'll also get an app landing page with us! Take a look at Do A Wilson landing page as an example.


Our mobile app is at the core of the business, it has to be available all the time. With Empire Elements' expertise in mobile app development and AWS cloud architecture we can be UK's leading security outsourcing company. Migrating to AWS have substantially cut our hosting and maintenance costs.

Nexus Security, Manchester UK

We needed to find a long term partnership with UK agency to design and develop our website and expand our wholesale business to the UK. Empire Elements were the perfect choice not only for their expertise but also transparency and fast communication. The project was delivered in milestones just as we agreed in the proposal.

Zest Group, Russia

Empire Elements were excited to work with us on developing our idea, connecting locums, hospitals and agencies. They actually made it better and their proposed architecture of the web application was simple to use for users which was one of our goals. The whole process was transparent and communication was superb throughout.

A Perfect Job, London UK

In addition to formatting the app’s layout, Empire Elements contributed to the graphical designs of those features. There’s also a chat feature that allows users to communicate with each other. Empire Elements conceptualized and programmed a trending section within the platform’s home page.

Do A Wilson, Monaco

Tools for your success

Long-term business partners, industry knowledge, fast communication.

Non-disclosure agreement

We are happy to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement before you talk to us about your idea in more detail.🤐👍

Minimum viable product

Launch your product faster by having a minimum viable product, gather user feedback and build new features your users actually want. 📱😍

It usually starts with: "I've got this crazy idea!"

What's yours?

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