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You know exactly what kind of mobile or web app you want. You have the funds and are ready to conquer the world with your idea.

Partner with a reliable web and app development company that gets things done fast keeps you updated on progress and delivers fully tested, ready to launch your product.

Skilled development partner

We know how frustrating it can be to work with developers that are not skilled to build your vision. Our app developers thrive on challenging projects and disrupting the industry. 

Start to finish development

Do you want to manage several companies, or would you instead partner with one app development agency? We can take your idea and help you create a sustainable business. 

Tested, ready to launch apps

Have you worked with agencies that charge you for testing their work? Or even worse, leave the app testing to you? We do the testing, free, and deliver ready to launch product. 

Developing and launching scalable mobile apps globally

Transparent and proactive approach turning your ambitious ideas into a functional mobile app that scales on-demand.


Giving you a deliverable plan

Helping you define your business objectives, what problem your mobile app solves, which features are most valuable to your customers, your pricing model, and so on. Keep innovating or get left behind.

Free testing and QA

To ensure continuous development, we use agile methodologies. This approach gives us the flexibility of incremental and early app releases. Improving quality and speed to market.


Launching a finished product

Fully tested and bug-free app is delivered to you and submitted to Google and Apple app stores for review. Don't worry; our partnership doesn't end here. You need the right partners and team behind you to make your app a success story. It's a great time to create a content marketing strategy and start onboarding users.

Working towards reaching your vision.

We build innovative applications for iPhone and Android, using native app development or cross-platform development.

100 days guarantee

We guarantee to fix any bugs and errors arising in the first 100 days after the launch. Free, no questions asked.           

Building your business

It's about building a sustainable business and ideas, not just high standard code and reliable cloud architecture.             

Fast communication

How frustrating is it to wait for an update on your project for weeks? With us, you can see the progress and get weekly updates.            

Rockstar dev team

Our app developers are not afraid to take on a challenge and create demanding mobile applications to disrupt the industry.             

Long-term technology partner

Communicate with your team in public or private chats with individuals or groups. with individuals or groups public or private             

Free project management

We don't believe in charging you extra 20 % of the total cost for project management and testing.             

Get your web or mobile app

There's no time to lose; let's build your next business asset!

App development service like no other

Complete service from start to finish.

Developing your web or mobile app into a business asset.


Get in touch

30 minute call at your convenient time where we discuss your vision and how Empire Elements can make your project a success.


Get a plan

You'll get a clear plan of milestones, timeframe and the amount of investment needed to build your web or mobile app.


Start something great

We build your idea into a fully tested, ready to launch product. You don't need another 'job'; you have a business to run, we understand that and help you get things done!

For entrepreneurs like you

Focus on what matters
while we build your app.

Not sure whether your mobile app should be built in React Native, Swift or Flutter? Don't worry; Empire Elements is here to help you decide what is most beneficial for your users while keeping the solution cost-effective for your business.

Business minded

All assets belong to you

Enthusiastic and skilled

100% transparent


"Their proposed architecture of the web application was simple to use for users which were one of our goals. The whole process was transparent, and communication was superb throughout. I'm not a technical person, which wasn't a problem because Empire Elements don't use jargon and can explain things clearly. They are dedicated to the project and its future success.”

Johan, London, UK

“It was great seeing the development process from wireframes, designs to see our new website being built and then launched. We were kept informed of new updates throughout the whole project. We could get on with running our business without having to micromanage the project. Empire Elements' professionalism, fast communication and positive attitude played an invaluable part.”

Bushra, Muscat, Oman

Not sure how to start your mobile application development?

Answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our customers when they are looking to develop a mobile app or web application.

🤷‍♂️ Is hybrid or native better for mobile app development?

We offer both hybrid mobile app development and native mobile app development. There are business benefits for each development route. Because every project is different, it's better if we explore together, which app development route would be best for your project.

💷 How much should I invest in developing my mobile app?

This is a tricky question to answer. Price of an app really depends on how complex your mobile app is. We would first need to discuss your app in a bit more detail to clearly understand how you see it working. We usually build apps from £20,0000 to £200,000. The average cost for an average complexity mobile app is around £40,000.

⌚️ How long does it take to build an app?

The complexity of your app dictates the amount of work required to build the app features. It can be anything from 3 to 12 months. Average time to build medium complexity app is about 4 months.

📄 What do I need to provide?

You don't need to give us any technical specifications documents! First, let's discuss your project by getting in touch. You can tell us in your own words about your app idea.

🚀 What happens after you launch my mobile app?

Once your app is launched, our job is not done, we are not going anywhere! We will be here ready to offer support services as you need. These can be updates, upgrades, architecture management or anything else you might need.

💯 Is there a guarantee?

Yes! We offer 100 days guarantee for all mobile and web applications we build. If there are any issues within the first 100 days after launch, our developers will fix these for free.

Let's start building your app

We can help you build a better business faster. Tried and true systems for projects small and large and a partner that gets things done!

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