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MVP app development

Development of Minimum viable product apps (MVPs) and MVP app prototyping services for tech startups, investors, entrepreneurs and existing businesses using the lean startup methodology, sprints and agile development. Empire Elements is an app development company for startups that can turn your idea into a viable product.

MVP app development for startups

MVP development services for growth

Get to market fast

Do you want to launch your app as soon as possible with core functionality, gather feedback from early adopters and then decide which features to add to your mobile app next?

Pitch to investors

Do you need a working app for your investor pitch presentation to convince potential investors to invest in your app idea and show that your business model is achievable?

Scale up your current app

Do you need to launch a new feature to the market? Launching cross-platform service and looking for a way to research the market, gather feedback to refine your expansion plan?

app developers for startups

Why Minimum viable product mobile app?

Startups, entrepreneurs and investors benefit from minimal viable product app development (MVP) for their startup in many ways. Not only is MVP development an affordable way to test your target market, but it also helps reduce risk and having to commit resources and capital to an idea.

If you have an idea for a disruptive product or service and need an MVP development agency to help you define and create your minimum viable product mobile app or prototype, then talk to us.

We work with startups, entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists that want to build disruptive and meaningful mobile applications.

If you have a clear and solid idea, secured funding and budget and are ready to start on your MVP app development journey, we would love to hear all about it.

Let us help you turn your idea into a prototype, minimum viable product mobile app, a real app and a business asset.

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new product or business idea


an existing product


a failing product


to investors & decision-makers

You deserve the best

With Empire Elements, one of the best app developers for startups, you will get more from the first contact. Fast and clear communication, talking directly to the CEO who will also manage your project and weekly progress catchups are just the start...

No need to provide specs documents

You don't need to send us detailed specs documents or explain step by step what the mobile app should do. Just tell us more about your idea and how you would like it to work. We draw upon our experience in MVP application development for other startups and suggest the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. From choosing the right cloud architecture, native or hybrid app development to which frameworks would be best suited. βœ‹πŸ“‘

100 days guarantee

You don't have to worry about being left on your own after your mobile application is built. We are here to support you every step of the way, helping you submit the app to Google and Apple app stores and rectify any issues. If there are any bugs found within the first 100 days of launching your mobile app, then we guarantee to fix them for free. Our app developers for startups are on-hand to make sure your app is running smoothly and your MVP app is ready for investor pitch. πŸ’―πŸ—“

MVP development process for startups

Startup sprints

Your idea to development in weeks!

Build the right minimum viable product mobile app from the start, fast and with less risk. Verify your idea and validate the feasibility of the project in just a few weeks. Our DevOps and development team will create a technical blueprint for your startup MVP development.

Startup sprints are designed to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) mobile app with a rock-solid plan for design, development and also cloud computing architecture. After all, you need your system to be scalable and open to millions of users. Our team has done this for scalable projects like storage space marketplace My Hippo Space and Austrian e-bike rental Scoob-E.

Advanced Hybrid App Frameworks like React Native, Ionic and Flutter are very popular, allowing faster development pace and idea validation.

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Fast communication and smooth project management. They came up with creative and innovative ideas to help mold our idea into an MVP.

Cameron MVP app development

We chose Empire Elements because they provide a full-service app development. They are very enthusiastic and helpful. Our mobile app was developed in four months.

John travel app development

The management team is heavily involved, the project was managed very well so I could concentrate on running my other businesses. They don't just work Mon-Fri 9am-5pm but understand that entrepreneurs work 'all the time'.

Tracy Ride-hailing app development

Ready to get your idea off the ground?

We are keen to hear all about your idea

Let's talk

Simple and affordable MVP app cost

Get your MVP out there! Test your product with real audience then use that feedback to continue sculpting and improving your MVP app.


1 - 3 months

Validate your idea on test users and obtain real-world user feedback and comments. Showcase your idea to potential investors, shareholders or decision-makers using an interactive prototype.

At the end, you will have a fully interactive prototype that will look and work just as a real mobile app would

  • User flows / stories
  • Wireframes
  • UI / UX designs
  • Interactive prototype
  • Investor pitch presentation
  • MVP app
  • Cloud architecture
  • App development
  • Android and iPhone development
  • Web admin panel
  • Landing page design


3 - 6 months

Your minimum viable product will be developed using hybrid app development. Our DevOps will plan and build cloud architecture before developers start building Android and iPhone apps.

At the end, you will have a fully working Android, and iPhone app developed using a hybrid framework (React Native, Ionic or Flutter)

Space Shuttle

6 - 12 months

Everything you can get from a professional solution to keep your business on its way to success. Includes investor pitch presentation in Keynote or PowerPoint, which you can use to show your idea to investors.

At the end, you will have a fully working Android and iPhone app developed using a native framework (Swift for iPhone, Kotlin for Android)

MVP development process

MVP development company transforming your idea into an affordable minimum viable product tailored to maximise your business goals.

Define core functionality

Our app developers for startups use their experience in building MVPs to identify core features to include in the first version. Turning your idea into an interactive prototype within weeks.

Create user flows, wireframes

Focusing on user experience and their needs and how to create a seamless user experience. Mobile app wireframes then define the hierarchy and visual interpretation of a user interface.

UI / UX app design

User-centred, clean, easy to use and intuitive designs enhancing user satisfaction. User experience and interface designs are a crucial part of any MVP, web or mobile application project.

MVP app development

Developing your minimum viable product with defined core features using native or hybrid app development route. You can also have Android, and iOS app developed, web app and admin panel.

Gather feedback

As soon as you release your MVP into the world you can start onboarding users, gain insight into how users are using your product and gather their feedback. Find out most desired and expected features.

Add additional features

Based on your users and early adopters feedback, you can decide on features that should be developed next. Plan your startup wisely and scale with the help of minimum viable product and your users' requests.


Grow, engage and monitor your MVP mobile application

Achieve faster innovation with API integration

As a startup or ambitious business you want to keep innovating and set up your venture for fast growth. API integration gives you the tools to do just that. Our approach to MVP development services and integrating APIs can save you time and money. You don't have to spend your budget on developing your own maps, payment processing or communication services. Let our app developers integrate all the tools you need to accelerate your growth, launch new features and add value to your customers.

Be flexible, plan for growth, innovate and launch faster and reach wider user audience.

Stripe logo


Stripe integration helps you handle all aspects of payments. Start accepting debit and credit card payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay and other payment methods. Stripe's API offers payment solutions for any mobile application, from subscription service, on-demand mobile app to a crowdfunding marketplace.

Foursquare logo


Is your minimum viable product mobile app going to be a social networking app where users can check-in? Foursquare's location data lets your mobile app users to check-in. Foursquare API can also be used to engage and retain your mobile app users by discovering places, sharing destinations or real-time location detection.

Firebase logo


Firebase API's benefits include real-time app crash reporting, app performance insights, in-app messaging to name a few. Google's Firebase helps businesses build high quality apps and growing their business.

Twilio logo


Engage with your mobile app's users with Twilio API integration. You could send and receive text messages or emails, add chat to your mobile app, reach users on WhatsApp. Twilio API can also be used to build real-time video and HD audio applications or minimum viable products.

Turning your idea to MVP

MVP development agency helping you build the right product, faster

Start the right way
Start with prototype or MVP

Thinking about a new project? Let app development company for startups help you design and build your MVP mobile app that users will want to use

Discuss your project
MVP app development user flows
MVP app development wireframes
MVP app development designs
MVP app prototyping services

MVP assets we deliver

You too can benefit from long-term, reliable and skilled mobile app developers for startups as your partners by working with one of UK's top MVP app development company. Not just app developers for startups, we always look at ways to add value, increase your revenue and keep your overheads at a minimum.

User flows

Visualise your users' journey through the mobile app in detailed flow


See your mobile app's layout, structure and all its elements in a blueprint

UX & UI design

User experience and user interface designs enhancing the usability

Interactive prototype

Get a feel for how the app will look and work with a clickable prototype

Cloud architecture

DevOps plan and build robust and scalable cloud infrastructure

API integration

Documenting and integrating any third-party APIs such as Stripe

Code in GitHub

Your mobile app code in Github will be fully transferred to your Github

QA testing

Mobile apps developed by us are ready to launch and fully tested

Your developer accounts

We work under your developer accounts and cloud hosting accounts

App store submission

Optimised app store listing, submission of your app to the app store

100 days guarantee

Any bugs arising in the first 100 days since launching the app will be fixed

Long term partnership

We love to be a part of clients' success and form long-term partnerships

MVP website is the start of production, not the end

MVP web development

Fast time-to-market

Because we will be designing and building only the core features of your website, the development time is much faster. Don't let your competitors catch you up, develop your MVP fast.


The cost is much lower than if you were to design and develop a complex website. You can put more money towards marketing or future improvements and building features your users want.

Minimal risk

When building an MVP website, you are minimising the risk of losing your investment. After you launch your MVP website, you can start marketing it and signing up users.

MVP websites for startups

Always start your web project with an MVP website

Go live fast

Focusing on the most important tasks to be done in the most efficient and simple way. Time-to-market is vital for startups, and so is launching your MVP site.

Be minimalistic

Don't try to build the 'perfect website' that has all the features you ever dreamt of. Keep your MVP website simple; don't add unnecessary complexity.

Know your audience

You need to identify your target users or user groups, outline the user end goal that will turn them into your customers. Writing user stories to outline their journey.

Keep improving

Your MVP website is just the start. After launch, gather feedback and add in more features and functionality that users want and will be using once tested and launched.

Types of MVP websites

Your minimum viable website should serve at least one target audience, solve at least one user pain point, have smooth user experience and be fast to develop and launch. Without these, your MVP site is neither viable nor valuable. The more complexity you add, the higher the risk and cost. Keep it simple πŸ™‚

Landing page

When you need a beautiful landing page for your app or a product

Wordpress website

Working with what's familiar to you and can deliver theme you want

Bespoke website

Perfect when you are absolutely sure you know whay you want to design

Shopify store

The largest ecommerce platform in the world delivers a lot of features

Let's build you a Minimum viable product website

Why wait? Get your MVP website now!

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Signed NDA within minutes 😎
Minimum viable product eCommerce development to gauge interest before investing in inventory

MVP eCommerce development

It's exciting to think of all the functionalities and features you would like your eCommerce online store to have. Watching all your new orders appearing in your administration panel...
But first! Test if your vision will meet your customers' expectations and needs. Don't waste your money and time by developing an online store that won't be used. Whether we are developing a custom eCommerce solution or creating your online store in BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace or Wix, always start your journey with developing an MVP eCommerce.

Focused on buyer UX patterns

Your MVP eCommerce needs to be a well-designed solution with simple and clear user experience and shopping path.

Targeting the right groups

Is your eCommerce B2C, B2B or both? Target a specific group of users; you can always add new target groups after launch.

Minimising your investment risk

Growing your business through iterative product releases, experimentation and validation to reduce risks.

Testing the demand for your product before launch

Benefits of MVP eCommerce

Are you an entrepreneur or startup deciding to implement MVP online store?
Join the lean startup movement and get your product to market a faster and smarter way.

Verify your ideas

Having a vision is great but will your users love it too? Having an MVP eCommerce will help you verify your idea and to draw conclusions on the next steps.

Cost optimisation

Don't waste your capital on developing features that are not worth investing in. Let's create a plan on what features add value to your eCommerce users.

User feedback

All intellectual property rights and ownership of all designs and code belong to you. There are no license or release fees or mandatory ongoing charges.

Faster ROI

Faster you launch your eCommerce, faster you can enable your customers to purchase your products and start making money that can be reinvested.

Speed up updates

After you collect valuable feedback from early adopters, we can then decide on which features to drop and which to start developing.

Faster time to market

By developing only the core features of your eCommerce online store, you can start accumulating traffic and building your online brand.

nexus security web application dashboard

eCommerce system implementation services

Take control of your MVP eCommerce, marketing and sales with an all-in-one platform. For startups, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

BigCommerce store design

Creating your MVP BigCommerce using highly customisable templates designed to improve conversion. Add new features as you expand your BigCommerce online store including multi-language and multi-currency and international shipping.

Shopify eCommerce agency

Powering online stores for ambitious startups all over the world. We can build you an MVP Shopify eCommerce store by customising a theme or designing a custom one. Mobile commerce enables your customers to buy from your store using a mobile phone.

Squarespace online store design

Let's create an MVP Squarespace store using one of their award-winning templates. Whether you are selling products or services, there's always a feature we can add on. You could be selling your products on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Wix eCommerce design agency

Customising Wix storefront templates to create stunning MVP Wix eCommerce store. Wix platform grows just as your business does. Add multichannel sales, custom shipping rules or international shipping. You could start with dropshipping options.

What's next?

Well, telling us all about your minimum viable product!

  • NDA

    We understand how precious your idea and intellectual property is to you. Let's sign an NDA first, so you feel more comfortable talking to MVP agency.

  • Casual chat

    Contacting Empire Elements to talk about your MVP mobile app or MVP website couldn't be easier. There are many contact methods to choose from when getting in touch and receiving an answer within hours. Choose from a call, an email or chat on WhatsApp. However you contact us, you will always talk to our CEO, Richard. You can have a technical or non-technical conversation; always without pushy sales tactics. At this stage, we would like to understand your minimum viable product requirements. Did we mention that Empire Elements answers 7 days a week? We don't close our door to new exciting opportunities, like yours, just because it's Friday 5 o'clock. 🀝

  • Development plan

    Understanding your business goals and MVP requirements are vital in determining whether Empire Elements is the right MVP development company for your startup. Although we offer packages for building an MVP mobile app, there are clients with specific needs, and for those, we can prepare a tailored development plan. If you need an MVP website designed and developed, we estimate cost and timeframe based on your requirements and send the estimate in 48 hours.

  • Project proposal

    After you are happy with our estimated cost and development timeframe, then we can send you an official proposal within 48 hours. It will include all deliverables, milestones, timeline and detailed investment cost for each milestone. Before we start working together on your MVP project our two CEOs are happy to meet in London or Europe, whenever it suits you.

  • Let's start


illustration of person thinking

Let's build you a Minimum Viable Product

Why wait? Get your MVP now!

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Signed NDA within minutes 😎

Do you have questions?

Not sure how MVP app development works? Wonder why you need MVP development services?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from clients regarding app development for startups

A minimum viable product (MVP) mobile app is a product with a minimum set of features that solves a problem for users. Minimal viable product app development helps you launch fast, understand your audience needs and expectations by gathering their feedback and then develop the app further. MVP app development for startups is the first step in your business that helps you to scale your startup properly.
We have created three packages to show transparent pricing and help you decide. Our packages start at Β£20,000, but we can also price your project based on your individual requirements.
The amount of time to develop an MVP for a startup depends on the complexity of features, whether the mobile application will be developed using hybrid or native development route and if it will be an app for Android as well as iOS. To build a quality mobile application it takes approximately 4 to 5 months, MVP build requires approximately 18 weeks but let's discuss your startup idea first to give you more accurate information.
Lots of great value for your startup. Just have a look at our MVP app development packages to see what's included in each package. We can create wiferames, user flows, UI designs and even a presentation pitch for you to show investors.
Usually, we don't, but if your project is something we would like to invest our experience, time and money in to, we may work with you for equity. Please don't feel discouraged or offended if we decline. It's nothing personal. πŸ™‚
100% you! All assets and code of each minimum viable product mobile app and prototype we build are transferred to you. We offer professional MVP development services, charging you a 'release fee' for what is rightfully yours is not part of our strategy.
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