From your idea to a minimum viable product in 90 days!

You have a clear idea, secured funding and are ready to start on your MVP app development journey.

Now you need to find the best app developers for startups. With development sprints and milestone approach, together we'll build your MVP in just 90 days.

Reliable business partner

Not just app developers for startups. We develop your idea into an investable product and commercially viable business with a clear strategy in mind.

Winning strategy plan

Build the right MVP from the start, fast, with less risk. Creating a rock-solid plan for design, tech stack, app development and cloud architecture.

Investment ready projects

If you want to appeal to investors and make your app investable add value to your users, disrupt the industry and build meaningful apps. 

MVP app development in 90 days

Build the right minimum viable product mobile app from the start, fast and with less risk. Verify your idea and validate the feasibility of the project in just a few weeks.


Focus on user experience

Focusing on user experience and their needs and how to create a seamless user experience. Your MVP mobile app needs to be a well-designed solution with a simple and clear user experience.

Enhance user satisfaction

User-centred, clean, easy to use and intuitive designs enhancing user satisfaction. Your MVP app design and interface designs are a crucial part of any minimum viable product, web or mobile application project.


Release your MVP and gather feedback

As soon as you release your MVP, you can start onboarding users, gain insight into how users are using your product and gather their feedback. Find out most desired and expected features. Plan your startup wisely and scale with the help of the minimum viable product. Growing your startup through iterative product releases, experimentation and validation to reduce risks.

Get your idea off the ground.

Get your MVP out there! Test your product with the real audience, then use that feedback to continue sculpting and improving your MVP app.

IP & idea protection

MVP development starts with a signed NDA; all assets we create are transferred to you at the end of each milestone.             

Guaranteed confidentiality

We never disclose any information about your idea to outside parties. You will talk with the same person from day one.             

Core features strategy

Together we create a list of requirements and core features to make a product that is engaging and usable.             

Business brain

Not just MVP app developers, we look at each project from a business perspective, making it commercially viable.             

Long term partnership

A long-term productive partnership with mobile application development company developing your product further.             

Fast & scalable apps

Our clients dream big, like you. Each mobile app we develop is built on robust and scalable cloud infrastructure.             

Transform your idea into an MVP

Let's design and build your MVP mobile app that users will want to use.

Always start with minimum viable product

Go live fast. Gather feedback. Improve.

Trying to build the 'perfect app' will only add to your timeframe and costs. Keep focused on launching your MVP with core features without adding complexity. Be flexible, plan for growth, innovate, launch features faster and reach wider user audience.


Landing page

Show off your mobile app to the world or use a landing page for app marketing. Landing page designed to convert using benefit-driven copy and appealing design can make or break your startup marketing.

Optimised landing page

Clickable prototype

Your interactive prototype you can install on your mobile to experience how your mobile app would work in real life. Helping you impress your investors and improving your chances of securing funding.

Get a prototype, fast

MVP app development

Developing your startup app idea into a fully tested, ready to launch MVP on iOS and Android. Find out how much time you could save by having an intuitive admin panel to go with your mobile app.

MVP app in the store
MVP app development

App build, the lean startup way.
Realistic timeframes and costs.

Your minimum viable product should serve at least one target audience, solve at least one user pain point, have smooth user experience and be fast to develop and launch. Without these, your MVP mobile app is neither viable nor valuable. The more complexity you add, the higher the risk and cost. Keep it simple!

Start with user stories

Build a prototype

Design investor pitch

Prepare marketing plan

Create a business plan

Launch your MVP

Grow, engage and monitor your MVP mobile application

Build a scalable startup, faster

Set up your venture for fast growth using API integrations. Our approach to MVP development services and integrating APIs can save you time and money. Let our app developers integrate all the tools you need to accelerate your growth, launch new features and add value to your app users.

Flawless payments

Start accepting debit and credit card payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay and other payment methods. Payment solutions for any mobile application, from subscription service, on-demand mobile app to a crowdfunding marketplace.

Reach your users

Engage with your mobile app's users with Twilio API integration. Send and receive text messages or emails, add chat to your mobile app, reach users on WhatsApp. Build real-time video and HD audio applications or minimum viable products.

Detailed statistics

Firebase API's benefits include real-time app crash reporting, app performance insights, in-app messaging and analytics. Because Firebase scales automatically, it helps businesses build high-quality apps and growing their business.

Startup MVP development

Your MVP is the start, not the end

Transforming your idea into an affordable minimum viable product tailored to maximise your business goals.


Define core functionality

Our app developers for tech startups use their experience in building MVPs to identify core features to include in the first version. Turning your idea into an interactive prototype within weeks.


Launch a minimum viable product

Developing your minimum viable product with defined core features using native or hybrid app development route. You can also have Android, and iOS app developed, web app and admin panel.


Improve based on feedback

Based on your users and early adopters feedback, you can decide on features that should be developed next. Plan your startup wisely and scale with the help of minimum viable product and your users' requests.

Download our PDFs

Free resources to help you get started and build better MVP app

5 mistakes costing your tech startup £10,000s PDF

5 mistakes costing your tech startup £10,000s

10 step guide to building a profitable tech startup

10 step guide to building a profitable tech startup

Investors are not interested in your app idea

Investors are not interested in your app idea


Trusted by tech startups like you.

A few nice things our startup clients are saying about working with us.

“It was clear from the beginning of our co-operation with Empire Elements that they honestly care about our business success and growth. For them, it doesn't end with completing the project. It's great seeing our ideas turn into a mobile app. The support, new ideas and innovation just keep coming.”

Nexus Security, Manchester, UK
Do A Wilson

“Empire Elements are full-service development partners. Instead of offering them visual content from the start, we first talked through the process of how we wanted the app to work. Once we finalised an interface, they started building the platform and implemented their UI/UX.”

Do a wilson, Monaco

Do you have questions about developing your MVP app?

Not sure how MVP app development works? Wonder why you need MVP development services? Answers to some of the most common questions we hear from clients regarding app development for startups.

📲 Why is MVP development important?

A minimum viable product (MVP) mobile app is a product with a minimum set of features that solves a problem for users. Minimal viable product app development helps you launch fast, understand your audience needs and expectations by gathering their feedback and then develop the app further. MVP app development for startups is the first step in your business that helps you to scale your startup properly.

📃 Will you develop an MVP for equity in my startup?

Usually, we don't, but if your project is something we would like to invest our experience, time and money in to, we may work with you for equity. Please don't feel discouraged or offended if we decline. It's nothing personal.

⌚️ How long does it take to develop an MVP?

The amount of time to develop an MVP for a startup depends on the complexity of features, whether the mobile application will be developed using hybrid or native development route and if it will be an app for Android as well as iOS. MVP build requires approximately 90 days but let's discuss your startup idea first to give you more accurate information.

🙋‍♂️ Who owns the assets and code of my MVP app?

100% you! All assets and code of each minimum viable product mobile app and prototype we build are transferred to you. We offer professional MVP development services, charging you a 'release fee' for what is rightfully yours is not part of our strategy.

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