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Native app development Experts in Swift and Kotlin

Faster and more reliable by its design, specific technology and language for each platform like Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

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Faster and better user experience

Best in class security for a mobile application, the best performance, a highly responsive user interface, and access to all native APIs. That's native app development.

High app performance

Your application has direct access to phone hardware. GPS, camera, microphone which runs faster in execution. That ultimately results in a much better and smoother user experience.

Highest security

Native development offers more granular control of device management control which benefits from the more proactive security and performance upgrades of the platform itself.

Rich user experience

With a native app, it’s far easier to satisfy your customer’s UI and UX expectations and follow UI standards laid down by your company. Customer experience is fast, and your app feels right.

Android and Kotlin

Kotlin can be seamlessly integrated with Android Studio, just as Swift can be seamlessly integrated with X-code. Kotlin is newer, hotter and has the edge over Java. Developers love it.

iOS and Swift

Develop responsive, feature-rich iOS apps with Swift. Apple announced Swift programming language in 2014, and it has been growing in popularity ever since. Swift offers significant speed advantages for iOS.

Native APIs

Easy to implement new sophisticated features that the market demands (AI, VR, AR, IoT, etc.) for each platform. Ability to operate offline. Internet connection is not necessary for native apps.

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Delivering complete, ready to launch apps

  • Flawless application

    Smooth work, fast operating speed, and excellent performance. When high app performance is necessary, you don't compromise and choose native app development.

  • Unique user experience

    Great design and user experience possibilities. Sophisticated UX/UI design and animation are not an issue. Effortless implementation with platform in-app purchases too.

  • Native is best

    Native app examples are Google Maps, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram, PokemonGo, etc. These examples have both native Android and iOS apps.

What will you get

Long-term, reliable and skilled app developers as you partners

Your developer account

All UX designs

Code in GitHub

App store submission

Interactive prototype

API documentation

Scalable cloud architecture

Long term support

App screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words

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Scoob-E mobile app with bookings
Scoob-E mobile app payments screen
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