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Web applications Transform your business operations

Fully custom web application development explicitly tailored to support your business needs and requirements.

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Your global foundation

Cloud-ready web application

API integration

Integrate your web stack, automate your processes, and start innovating. We connect any API application and create new workflows to enhance productivity

Real-time data

Move fast, iterate quickly and transform your business. Real user data monitoring allows for better service and faster business growth.

User and admin panel

Beautifly crafted administration panels, using agile frameworks and cloud scaling and micro-services. That's the user experience we deliver.

Business process automation

Our clients frequently request innovative automation applications. Advantages of automating your business process are cost saving and faster innovation.

Robust security

Protecting our client's websites and online services against different security threats that exploit vulnerabilities in an application's code.

Advanced PHP frameworks

We love open-source, high-performance PHP web frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony and Zend framework.

Docker and Kubernetes

Cloud applications grow in complexity, and we reorganise into a distributed container orchestration like Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Continuous integration

Continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines allow us to deploy changes to your web application faster without any downtime.

Support and maintenance

Let our experts take care of your web application support and maintenance. Lot of work can be automated like regular patches and updates.

Advanced API integration

Quickly connecting your app to external service. Geolocation, payment or notification services are amongt the most popular Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

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No licensing fees

There are no licensing fees to pay or any unexpected costs, intellectual property and source code are yours from the start.

Cost-effective solutions

You want your business to be profitable and minimise expenses. We always look for the most cost-effective yet scalable and robust solution.

Simple and transparent

Building a valuable business asset

We specialise in developing and deploying high performing and reliable global web applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Having your business web applications on AWS gives you the power to handle unexpected traffic spikes and large data sets. Making sure your web application performs to its full potential.

my hippo space web app dashboard

Cool stuff we did

Beautiful user and admin panels, full feature set, reliable in any browser.

Transactions and payouts

For My Hippo Space web application, we created APIs for Stripe integration to calculate commission percentage and host payouts. That's for both the mobile app and the web application.

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My Hippo Space user panel

Nexus dashboard

Nexus Security user panel manages over 700,000 activities. It is designed to be useful on any platform, any browser allowing staff to react in seconds to new jobs.

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Nexus Security admin panel

User centred design

Locums can very quickly place a job advert in beautiful A Perfect Job (APJ) user panel and start looking for that dream job in the medial industry. APJ panel offers a guided narrative for new users!

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a perfect job job adverts panel

How we build web apps

Agile process, interactive approach and deliverable milestones.

Wireframing & UX design

Wireframes are a blueprint of how your web application will function its information architecture, structure and functionality.

Agile development & QA

Creating a framework, database structure, implementing features and APIs. QA testing and bug fixing.

Cloud architecture & deployment

DevOps engineers design and build cloud architecture tailored to the requirements of your web application. Final usability testing before deploying your web application.

my hippo space dashboard panel

Front end development

We build web and native apps in a variety of technologies chosen for their speed, robustness and maintainability.

Awesome frameworks

Exciting, feature full frameworks that our developers love to work use. Bootstrap, React, Angular, Vue and others.

Speed and performance

Achieve maximum speed across the globe. A global platform that gets you close to your customers.

Cloud scalable

Your web app needs to be designed and built for a global cloud platform. We love serverless technology.

Loved by millions

From prototype to global deployment. A scalable web application that supports any workload.

Beautiful and fast user panel

Supporting virtually any workload. Your web application becomes your most valuable business asset.

React framework

React framework

Vue framework

Vue framework

Angular framework

Angular framework

Bootstrap framwork

Bootstrap framework

Do A Wilson app VIP price page
Scoob-E app payment page

Backend development

We handle the build and deployment of server-side solutions. Employing continuous integration to deploy thoroughly tested code regularly.

  • Payments integration

    Stripe, PayPal or any other payment processing platform of your choice, integrated with a web application or mobile app. Our developers create well-documented API integration with any payment processor.

  • Security by design

    Building secure web application starts at the design stage. We plan for defences and build them straight from the start. Web app security is an integrated process, not an additional product.

  • Machine learning

    More accurate, helpful and connected. An algorithmic approach to your data is going to improve your business and provide for better customer experience.

Always up to date and ready to scale

Your web application delivered to millions of users around the world.

php framework

PHP language



ruby on rails

Ruby on rails



Don't be afraid to ask

Not sure how to start your web application development and want to ask us some questions first?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

Call +442078460326
With Empire Elements there are no licensing fees to pay. Any work we do for you is yours. You own the code and the assets we create for your project. We love open-source, so there are no fees to pay either. In some rare exceptions, we may use proprietary software, but we would discuss this with you beforehand.
Yes, we provide regular maintenance services to projects we create. If you would like us to take care of the frequent updates and upgrades, we can discuss the frequency and complexity of those tasks.
Web applications can be from £10,000 to £100,000 and more. Cost depends on your project complexity and scale. Usually, we build web apps for £20,000 of medium complexity. Start to finish.
If you are ready to start your web app project with us, let's have a chat. First, we need to get to understand your project, and before we talk in more detail, we are happy to provide a signed non-disclosure document.
Complexity dictates time necessary to build your web application. Medium size and complex web project is usually 3-6 months but can be done faster if needed. Do A Wilson mobile app with cloud architecture and web API was done in just three months in time for Coachella!
All digital property is yours, no fees to pay. That's just good business.
Yes of course.


logo for do a wilson

Empire Elements are full-service development partners. Instead of offering them visual content from the start, we first talked through the process of how we wanted the app to work. Through that process, we verbally outlined some rough designs for them to iterate. They put together several wireframes and presented the options to us. Our ideas changed frequently, but their team is patient enough to facilitate that kind of approach. Once we finalized an interface, they started building the platform and implemented their UI/UX.

Do A Wilson, Monaco
logo for a perfect job

Empire Elements were excited to work with us on developing our idea, connecting locums, hospitals and agencies. Their proposed architecture of the web application was simple to use for users. The whole process was transparent and communication was superb throughout.

A Perfect Job, London UK
logo for zawawi group

We were kept informed of new updates throughout the whole project. We could get on with running our business without having to micro manage the project. Empire Elements' professionalism, fast communication and positive attitude played an invaluable part.

Zawawi Group, Muscat Oman
logo for nexus security

It was clear from the beginning of our co-operation with Empire Elements that they honestly care about our business success and growth. For them it doesn't end with completing the project. It's great seeing our ideas turn into web and mobile applications. The support, new ideas and innovation just keep coming.

Nexus Security, Manchester UK

Tools for your success

Helpful and friendly, very high standard of work and code, progress updates.

Non-disclosure agreement

To fully understand your project and business goals we need to discuss your idea. If you prefer signing and NDA agreement first please let us know. 🤐👍

Serverless applications

No servers to manage, no updates to the schedule, no downtime and headaches. Just run your code at scale. That's serverless architecture. ⚡☁️

It usually starts with: "I've got this crazy idea!"

What's yours?

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