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It all begins by choosing the right Wordpress design and development company to help you achieve success. Talk to Wordpress professional about Wordpress website design, theme development and customisation, optimisation or support and maintenance service.

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Wordpress specialists

Professional Wordpress development

Wordpress consultancy

Thinking about having your website built using Wordpress? Is your existing WP website in need of cleaning up or updating theme design?

Wordpress site audit

When you need a Wordpress specialist that can inspect your current Wordpress theme and plugins and suggest ways to improve your WP business website.

Blog setup service

Are you a blogger, influencer or business wanting to write articles? Do you need to have a new blog set up or add a blog to your existing website?

Wordpress website design

Our Wordpress designers can create completely custom Wordpress theme designs. We can also customise any Wordpress theme for your business.

Wordpress optimisation

Wordpress sites in need of clean up can hire expert Wordpress developers to take care of all updates, upgrades and website speed optimisation services.

Maintenance & support service

Managed Wordpress services aimed at business owners that would rather spend their valuable time running their business than building a website using Wordpress.

Wordpress content migration

Need to transfer your whole website or just the content from an existing site to your new WP site? We are the Wordpress development company that can help.

Wordpress cloud hosting

We only use the best Wordpress cloud hosting providers - Digital Ocean or Amazon Web Services. Your Wordpress site will have CDN for images, cloudfront or cloudflare.

Security & backups

Our Wordpress specialists set up your Wordpress website to have automatic and regular backups and highest security possible.

Custom Wordpress theme design

Wordpress design services at affordable prices. Whether you would like to hire our Wordpress designers for custom Wordpress theme design or white label Wordpress design, let's talk!

Wordpress front end development

Our Wordpress front end developers can turn any custom designs into a fully working Wordpress theme in no time.

Robust Cloud Computing

Reliable Wordpress hosting on Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. Your choice! We focus on setting up the best cloud computing architecture. We set up backup and restore, increase speed by using the content delivery network and security and system protection. Your site can enjoy unlimited growth!

Wordpress website design agency

Custom wordpress theme design services

Looking for top Wordpress development companies that could help you with Wordpress design and development or theme customisation services? Look no further, hire our Wordpress expert designers and developers. We are skilled in custom Wordpress theme design and development, always delivere on time and budget to the highest standard. If you are thinking about Wordpress to Squarespace migration or even Squarespace to Wordpress migration we can help too.

Custom WP theme design for 100 dating websites

We were looking for a custom Wordpress theme design and development company in the UK. Luckily we found Empire Elements because they were the only ones who could take on a project of this size. Empire Elements designed and then build 100 custom websites for our dating business portfolio. All sites run on Wordpress, and the backend connects to White label dating company and their database of users looking to date.

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Wordpress theme customisation service

First, we set up your Wordpress site on a cloud hosting. Then we install all the necessary plugins and widgets. Your chosen Wordpress theme will then look just the way you want it. The site structure and layout will make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for quickly. Our Wordpress theme customisation service will help your business get noticed.


Integration tools

WP plugin integrations for your convenience

You can build any business using Wordpress - a blog, a business website, an online shop. There is a wide variety of Wordpress plugins for any industry and business size.

Optimising your WP website SEO

To help your Wordpress website rank well on Google SERP, we install the Yoast SEO plugin. Our Wordpress experts can setup on-page SEO, XML sitemap and Open Graph, which controls how your content looks on social media when shared. We can also improve your website structure, internal linking and prevent broken links and 404 pages.

Securing your Wordpress site

If you choose to host your new Wordpress website with us, you don't have to worry about installing security plugins. We provide dedicated cloud hosting on Digital Ocean, which includes security features. However, if you would feel comfortable having more security, then there are plugins even for two-factor authentication.

Improving WP speed

Plugins such as WP Rocket can be used to tweak your Wordpress website and improve the speed, which could improve your Google rank too.

WP social media integration

Would you like to improve your WP site's visibility on social media by getting more likes and shares? Want to display your social media content or feeds on your website? We can add share buttons or social media feeds using plugins like Easy social share buttons.


Newsletter signup

Let your Wordpress website visitors quickly sign up for newsletters.


SEO analytics

Optimise all things SEO on your Wordpress website.

Site kit

Peak performance

All in one Wordpress plugin for security, performance and wp site management.


Backup & security

Real-time backups and automated security protection.


Affordable Wordpress website design

Wordpress web design and development services helping your business grow and reach its potential.




3 - 5 days

For individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs or startups in need of blog setup service or Wordpress theme customisation service.

  • Cloud hosting setup
  • Custom Wordpress theme design
  • Wordpress installation
  • Automatic SSL setup
  • WP theme setup & configuration
  • Unlimited pages
  • Google analytics setup
  • Plugins installation
  • Performance optimisation
  • SEO optimisation
  • Content marketing plan
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 3-5 days to complete
  • 1 month free support worth £199




5 - 7 days

For entrepreneurs, startups or companies looking to stay competitive in the market and growing with the technology.

  • Cloud hosting setup
  • Custom Wordpress theme design
  • Wordpress installation
  • Automatic SSL setup
  • WP theme setup & configuration
  • Unlimited pages
  • Google analytics setup
  • Plugins installation
  • Performance optimisation
  • SEO optimisation
  • Content marketing plan
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 5-7 days to complete
  • 3 months free support worth £597




7 - 10 days

Everything you can get from a custom Wordpress theme design and development company to keep your business on its way to success.

  • Cloud hosting setup
  • Custom Wordpress theme design
  • Wordpress installation
  • Automatic SSL setup
  • WP theme setup & configuration
  • Unlimited pages
  • Google analytics setup
  • Plugins installation
  • Performance optimisation
  • SEO optimisation
  • Content marketing plan
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 7-10 days to complete
  • 6 months free support worth £1,194

All our WP plans include

Giving you access to a ton of features and support from a professional and experienced Wordpress web development company

First class support

When working with a Wordpress website design agency, you expect to receive not only expert advice relating to your Wordpress business website but also first class support. With us, you can concentrate on growing your business.

SEO optimised

To have any chance of being found on Google, your website needs to be SEO optimised using one of the many plugins out there. Having a content marketing plan is also hugely important to rank your site in Google's SERP.

Regular backups

Your WP website will be automatically backed up every day, week or month. We will also manually back up your website before carrying out any updates. You don't have to worry about losing your website data in case something goes wrong.

Highly secure

We don't use just any hosting provider. All Wordpress websites hosted with us are using leading cloud hosting providers such as Digital ocean and Amazon web services. Security is one of the most important when it comes to your WP site.

Responsive design

Our Wordpress designers create responsive custom designs for your Wordpress theme. If you are using a Wordpress theme customisation service, then we will always look for WP themes that are responsive and work perfectly on mobile and tablet.

Fast turnarounds

Being able to deliver our projects on time and on budget is our speciality. You want updates and changes reflected on your business website in the shortest time possible. That's why you should hire a top Wordpress development company like us.

Wordpress support & maintenance plans

MONTHLY plans to keep your Wordpress website updated, secured and optimised.


    Updating Wordpress, theme and plugins every month. Cleaning up spam comments, unused plugins. Keeping your Wordpress website optimised and secure, every month.



    Unlimited updates to your Wordpress website. Need to add new content, change an image, update phone number? Fast turnarounds at no extra charge, every month.


Wordpress questions?

Not sure where to start with your Wordpress website?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from clients regarding app development for startups

There are three areas of website improvements: speed, security and reliability. To increase website speed, you can use WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache or Cache Enabler. You get a caching functionality, a content delivery network and other sweet tools to improve website speed. The second category is website security; for that, you can use Sucuri Security, iThemes Security or Wordfence Security. These plugins run a series of security checks and alert you about potential issues. It might be a good start with a full WordPress site audit. The third category is reliability. Here we recommend plugins like UpdraftPlus or VaultPress for regular backup and restoration options in case things do go wrong.
You need to start with hosting. A shared hosting environment has inherited a problem with permissions. When there are many websites on a single server, it opens doors for potential exploits, even if you take security seriously. We recommend a robust Cloud Hosting provider like Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud where you take control of your site security.
Shared hosting means your website resides on a single server with many other sites. Shared hosting is cheaper, but you sacrifice security and usually a speed as well. Cloud computing hosting means your website is hosted on a cluster of servers. Cloud computing hosting is more expensive, but you get complete control over security and get a significant speed boost.Choose wisely! We would only recommend cloud-based hosting; you get what you pay for.
Absolutely YES! You should use CDN because it offers many benefits. Serving static files like images, CSS or javascript from a global network of servers is just one reason. Serving content from a cache location closest to the website visitor means your site loads up faster than for a single place. Speed is now a ranking factor, and nobody likes slow websites or apps!
Anything from £1,000 up to £10,000 depending on website complexity. A small to medium business Wordpress website can cost around £2,000 to £3,000 from start to finish and includes security, backup and speed improvement plugins with a content delivery network which makes your website faster, secure and regularly backed up.
We offer two maintenance packages. A basic support package costs £99 per month, and it is a human checked series of tasks to ensure everything is up to date, secure and backed up. A larger, PRO support package costs £199 and includes unlimited content updates on top of the Basic package. The PRO support package is ideal if you want to send us content updates for your website, and we take care of the rest.
There is no doubt, Wordpress is immensely popular and powers around 30% of internet websites. But there are alternatives!
  1. Static website generators, where your website is constructed and deployed to a series of worldwide datacentres. This makes one very resilient website that can sustain virtually any traffic.
  2. Wix is an excellent platform to build your company website, a blog or even an eCommerce site. Wix website offers an exceptional level of customisation options.
  3. Weebly is known for simplicity. Very simple to use editor, good range of blog options make up one very nice experience. Weebly is probably the easiest website builder to use in the world.
  4. Squarespace is very popular among creatives offering a selection of stylish templates. It too provides e-commerce options.
When you are concerned about security, there are alternatives. Updates and some less well-coded plugins can break your website, and without any support, you are flying blind and without any guidance. If you also plan to use eCommerce features soon, it's better to use other options available. An additional monthly or annual cost of useful plugins is also a downside of running Wordpress.
Well, maybe! Squarespace is a hosted website builder, and WordPress is self-hosted and self-managed blogging and CMS platform. If you are very new to the blogging scene and want to manage things yourself the easy way, then Squarespace is probably better than Wordpress. If you are set on blogging and maybe adding eCommerce Squarespace is a better choice. Reasons you would pick Wordpress is better control over the system and hosting and if your future plans are big!

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