Client Focused, Complete Solution Agency

Global web and mobile app development agency. Specialising in development of progressive web applications and iOS mobile apps. We believe in the huge benefits and opportunities cloud computing has to offer to businesses globally. We specialise in AWS Cloud Architecture which enables us to build infinitely scalable applications that can constantly innovate and grow on a robust infrastructure. We work using DevOps methodology and principles. DevOps methodology changes the way we manage technology to enable better effectiveness and efficiency.

Transparent Process

From your ambitious idea to infinitely scalable application in the cloud

Initial Consultation & Project Proposal
Wireframing & UX Design Concepts
Efficient & Agile Development Process
Usability Testing & Launch

First, we discuss your requirements, timeframe, technical specs and business goals to understand your business and project better and determine whether a partnership with Empire Elements would be the best solution for you. No pressured sales calls and use of jargon. We are happy to sign NDA before discussing your project in more detail. If you are satisfied with the proposed solution, an official proposal will be sent out via email that can be easily signed using an online signature. The project includes milestones, deliverables, investment breakdown, terms & conditions and next steps.

The productivity of development is enhanced by continuous integration, automated testing and cross-platform development. Working with only a few clients at a time helps us focus on providing a better experience, highest quality work and fast communication. Each project is carried out in milestones as set out in the proposal. We will keep you informed of the progress throughout each milestone. Once a milestone is signed off we can move to the next one. We can give you advice and tips on managing and marketing your website or mobile app at the end of the project.

Working together towards your success

Our clients are entrepreneurs, CEOs and organisations of different sizes, industry and business type. They have a few things in common. They have ambitious ideas, want to be or already are global leaders in their sector, continually innovating and growing their business. While working with Empire Elements as a strategic partner in developing and improving their digital growth. We are passionate about building productive long-term partnerships with our clients and being a part of their success.

We value our clients' feedback which helps us continuously improve and refine our process and shape your experience of working with us. At the end of each project, we carry out a Project Debrief. It gives us an opportunity to discuss how the project went and ideas for the future partnership.

Our Guarantee

Keeping things professional, simple and clear

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights and ownership of all designs and code belongs to you. There are no license fees or mandatory ongoing charges.

Single Point of Contact

No more frustration and time wasting by repeating yourself to different people. You’ll speak to the same person from the first call.

Fast Communication

Delivering your project on time is essential just as fast and clear communication. We respond to emails within minutes.

Trusted & Reliable Partner

We build loyal customer relationships, Working with you to expand your business and product even after the launch to market.

Detailed Research

We invest our time and resources to fully understand your business goals. Then create a strategy and scope out your ideas and vision.

Progress You Can See

To help you visualise your mobile app we create interactive prototype that you can use on your mobile and see how it will work.

Meaningful Mobile Apps

We don't build just another app, we create the best solution that positively impacts your business. It's all about users and how they will use your app.

No Surprise Costs

Inflated and surprise costs are not part of our strategy. We build apps that we are passionate about and proud of being a part of your success.

Global, Dedicated Team of Professionals

Having a remote team and agile work strategies has a positive impact on our clients' businesses. The team is distributed throughout the world. We can harness the most exceptional talent, quick collaboration makes us more responsive and different timezones make us super productive.

We are UI & UX Designers, Information Architects, Front End Developers, iOS Native Mobile App Developers, AWS Certified Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers.

Technology That Makes Great Things Happen

Being passionate about our work and closely following changes in technology makes us more efficient in delivering your project. We are constantly expanding our knowledge to make your project a success.

Delivering fast and scalable web and mobile apps to a global audience.

Amazon Web Services

Reliable, scalable, and secure cloud computing services


Build, ship, and run distributed applications on any scale


Large scale application web server for the modern web


Cloud based git version control system for everyone


beautiful and open source mobile application development framework

Buddy Works

Powerful and easy-to-configure CI/CD for developers and digital agencies


The PHP Framework For Web Artisans


Event driven server side application

Maria DB

world's most popular open source database


Widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language


Dynamic, object-oriented, programming language


Modern tool for creating beautiful website blueprints


Programming language for apple platforms


Popular mobile hybrid development framework


open source linux server software platform


Scale up with Stripe's payment processing platform


Development environment for apple developers


Open-source containerized applications


Hot JavaScript library for building user interfaces


Javascript for creating blazing fast user interfaces

Jquery mobile

A Touch-Optimized Web Framework


High-level, interpreted programming language


General-purpose, high-level programming language


open-source in-memory data structure database