Using A Laser To Predict Roulette Result

You hear stories about people winning at the casino by cheating.

The light wand with slot machines, counterfeiters making chips while some people just try a money grab. However, there was one story which caught my eye about The Ritz Club, Piccadilly, London. A prestigious venue. Supposedly, three individuals won a vast sum of money by using a laser and mobile phone to predict where the ball would stop. Well, not the exact position but making the odds from 37/1 to about 6/1. If true, this would be the difference between winning and losing. In this case, the trio were said to have won over £1M,

Three Arrested Over Roulette ‘Sting’

Supposedly, two Serbian men and a mysterious ‘’beautiful Hungarian woman allegedly used a laser scanner to predict the spin of the roulette wheel. It’s claimed the scanning device was hidden in a mobile phone, linked to a micro computer, which calculated where the ball would drop.

The prediction would be calculated as the ball spun and bets placed.

The first visit the trio won £100,000.

But £1,200,000 the following night. The casino paid £300,000 in cash and £900,000 in a cheque.

The casino were suspicious and after reviewing CCTV contacted the police with concerns the money was won by deception.

The Metropolitan Police Clubs and Vice Unit seized cash and mobile phones.

A senior police source said: ‘Casinos allow gamblers to place bets during the three revolutions of the wheel. The three were placing and winning bets in this narrow window. The device cannot predict the exact number but can reduce the odds from 37/1 to possibly 6/1.’

The payout would be 35/1 if hitting a single number.

A trio is made up of two Serbian men, aged 39 and 34, and a very chic beautiful Hungarian woman of 33.’

They were released on bail.

There was no offence of ‘cheating’.

There has been speculation of such devices being used regarding roulette but no evidence this is true.

As the roulette wheel or ball were not interfered with it is a moot a point whether a crime has been committed.

The Ritz Club may be left with the option of refusing entry or asking someone to leave.

The casino refused to comment.

Thoughts about the likelihood this could work.

I would be very surprised that such a device could help predict where the ball would stop on the roulette wheel.

It is mostly likely the trio simply got lucky and won the cash.

Photo: Pixabay (free)