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Are you struggling to find a web design agency in London to design a unique website for your business or an investment group?

We know the feeling of having to micromanage a project while you would rather concentrate on running and expanding your own business. We work with investors and serious entrepreneurs that rely on us to build their digital assets.

Unique website design

Our passion lies in turning your vision into reality by crafting a website focused on achieving your business goals. Forget WordPress templates; our designs are handcrafted by designers to realise your vision.

Full-service agency

Have you worked with design companies that charge you for every little thing? We believe in fair price and overcharging is not part of our growth strategy. Your project will be delivered on time and within our agreed budget.

Long term partnership

All our clients are looking for a long term business partner that helps them grow or expand to new markets. Your website is one of your business assets, but we can create more digital assets than your website - mobile apps too.

Most respected investment group from Oman

Zawawi Group

Muscat based Zawawi Group is a privately owned holding company founded by the late Qais Bin AbdulMunim Al Zawawi. It's one of the most prominent investment groups in Oman with operations across a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, banking and construction.

Zawawi Group new website

Attracting investors to the Middle East

Empire Elements was approached by one of the directors of the Zawawi Group to help revive their current website and make it more appealing to the Western market. Their main goal was to show potential investors all the industries in which they could invest.

Zawawi Group's website was more than 5 years old, wasn't responsive and featured text-heavy design. Zawawi Group wanted to create one of the best-looking websites in Muscat, and we surpassed their expectations by creating a high-end design. Content from their old website has been restructured in a clear and easy to navigate information architecture.

“To understand our business and Middle Eastern culture and values Empire Elements team carried out extensive research which was impressive. We could get on with running our business without having to micromanage the project. Empire Elements' professionalism, fast communication and positive attitude played an invaluable part.”

Bushra Al Zawawi
Leading investment group from Dubai

AMZ Group

Dubai based AMZ Group was founded in 1999 by Abdul Munim Al Zawawi. Over the years it has grown into a group of companies in various sectors from beachwear, hospitality to security services.

Showcasing investment opportunities

AMZ Group's website design was out of date and needed a complete overhaul. AMZ Group's vision was to have a unique website featuring dark theme. Our designer came up with a luxurious black and gold marble design that the client and we loved at first sight.

AMZ Group
Social networking app from Monaco

Do A Wilson

Monaco based social networking mobile app aimed at parties. Using facial recognition technology, like Snapchat, to apply uniquely designed masks.

Do A Wilson website

Sharing videos from music events

Do a Wilson app is all about discovering, connecting, creating and sharing one-of-a-kind videos and photos with added live face masks, accessories, filters, effects, animated stickers and emojis.

“In addition to formatting the app’s layout, Empire Elements contributed to the graphical designs of those features. Empire Elements conceptualised and developed a trending section within the platform’s home screen.”

Francesco S.
Most prominent umbrella wholesalers from Russia

Zest Umbrellas

Moscow based Zest Group is an established and leading Zest umbrellas wholesaler in Russia. They can count Vladimir Putin as one of their customers.

Expanding to the UK market

Zest Group were planning to expand and launch their Zest umbrella brand to the UK market. Zest Group website is the storefront for their wholesale umbrellas. Its primary purpose is to show all the different designs and styles of Zest umbrellas while paying close attention to detail and showing high quality close up images of Zest products.

When Zest Group website was designed, responsive and mobile-friendly websites were only starting to be mainstream. Zest Group were keen to be ahead of the competition. Their mobile-friendly website was one of the first ones, and it proved hugely popular with customers.

Zest Umbrellas

“We needed to find a long term partnership with a UK agency to design and develop our website and expand our wholesale business to the UK. Empire Elements were the perfect choice not only for their expertise but also for transparency.”

Andrey Pal

A business website designed with one goal in mind - be the best.

Take control of your online presence, marketing and sales funnels with our business web design services. For investors and serious entrepreneurs across Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

* A business website that we can be proud of is a landing page delivering results to your business.

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Uniquely designed business website

Fast turnarounds and updates

Responsive, mobile-friendly design

Royalty-free images included

Thrid-party integrations

Aligned with your ad campaigns

Benefit driven copy using keywords

Logo design

Long-term maintenance

AWS cloud architecture


We also provide long-term maintenance for your new website. It includes free updates - adding or updating text and images, links, contact details.

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Do you use templates or Wordpress?

Absolutely not, your website will be designed by one of our designers and will be your unique business asset. Your website will then be coded by one of our front end developers using HTML.


What do I need to provide?

As little or as much as you would like. Most of our clients tell us what their vision is, and then we do the research, wireframes, information architecture, designs, AWS cloud architecture and build the website.


How long does it take?

You could have your new website in as little as 5 weeks from now. All you have to do is tell us about your project and let's start!


How can I get started?

First, let's have a chat about your project to determine if we can achieve your business goals and vision.

Once we are confident that we can turn your vision into a reality, we can provide a quote detailing the milestones and how much you need to invest in designing and building your new business website

Then we can start working on your creating your new website by doing research and wireframes and then turning them into visual designs

Once you approve the visual designs, we will move onto coding each page

While the pages are being coded, we will design and build cloud infrastructure (under your AWS account)

Your website is launched!

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