Why I Play Roulette

I guess we all have our favourite casino game.

Take your pick: Blackjack, roulette, three-card poker, slots, poker…

Out of that selection, I have played all but poker (which may sound unusual). I have lost money on the slots. Won a couple of times at three-card poker (only times I’ve played) and won decent cash at roulette which I’ve played for a number of year although perhaps no more than 20 times. The vast majority of times at Grosvenor Casino, Great Yarmouth.

You have a choice of playing roulette at the terminals which are kind of a quiet way to play and you don’t feel on show. Or you can play at the table which can be a different experience depending on the number of players. You may find yourself playing alone, which I don’t like, or feel you are in the middle of a rugby scrum if the ‘circus’ is in town. All the fun of the fair. There will always be pros and cons with gambling, the setting and the experience.

What I like about the playing roulette.

Compared with other table games is that you can stop whenever you like. It’s easy to sit out a spin or two (or as long as you like) whereas blackjack or three-card poker you almost feel obliged to bet which isn’t always ideal. Sure, if you wish to bet consistently then you won’t be hindered by this format.

The odds playing roulette are fair (I think 2.7% house edge compares favourably with the US double zero).

My experiences playing roulette.

I never play with much cash at the casino. It just doesn’t interest me to lose a couple of hundred on an evening and frustrating. So I’m one of those low rollers who stay south of £50. In general, I start off with £20 and hope to get lucky. I bet 50p a spin on a single number and basically ‘hope to get lucky’ with a 35/1 payout. I figure if I’m going to get lucky it will either happen or not at big odds. It often works out.

The last two times I’ve gone to the Grosvenor Casino, Great Yarmouth it has been a loser. Probably about £50 in total. Not ideal but that’s how life goes. Previously, I have won a few hundred. So I’m still in profit which is a novelty at the casino.

At the end of the day, going to the casino for me is about a little bit of fun knowing that the house edge means the longer you play to more you will lose. If you have those aspects in mind you are an informed bettor, which is about as good as it will get.

The best way to make your betting pay is to use free bets or match bets which small-change bets. That way you can nullify the house edge which is the answer to any gambler’s question. It simply cannot be done betting any decent money but if you are out for a bit of fun you can give yourself a better chance than winning than the casino.

Who has ever heard such a comment?

It’s true.

Photo: Pixabay (free)