Zest Group is an established umbrella wholesaler based in Russian Federation. They can count Vladimir Putin as one of their customers.

Zest Group wanted to launch their product to the UK market and required a web design agency that could design an outstanding website showing their umbrella styles and designs to UK customers. The website would be their online catalogue of Zest umbrellas.

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Goal Definitions
Showcase Products

Zest Group wanted to use highest quality images to show its umbrellas patterns, materials and different styles.

Aimed at UK Audience

The design of the website and its elements had to be aimed at UK audience and market.

Fast Loading

The website was going to use a lot of large images therefore needed to load fast for all visitors.

User Centred

The design had to be user centred using clear information architecture to guide visitors through the website effortlesly.

UX Designs

Wireframes and Design concept

The information architect had to create user journey navigating users through the site within a few clicks. Zest Group has a large catalogue of products and categories. There are umbrellas for ladies, gentlemen and children but also for special occasions such as weddings. Umbrellas are also listed in collections. The website showcases Zest umbrellas in close detail and using retina images. The style and feel of the website is luxury and high-end products.

Agile development

Zest Club website uses the latest set of tools. Great technology makes great things happen!

Web application

Zest Group website is the storefront for their wholesale umbrellas. Its main purpose is to show all the different designs and styles of Zest umbrellas while paying close attention to detail and showing high quality close up images of Zest products.

Mobile Website

When Zest Group website was designed, responsive and mobile-friendly websites were only just starting to be mainstream. We always strive to use the latest technology and trends when designing clients' websites. Zest Group were keen to be ahead of competition. Their mobile-friendly website was one of the first ones and it proved hugely popular with their customer base.

  • Modern, high-end design
  • Multi-lingual website
  • Responsive design
  • Global content delivery
  • optimized to load fast
  • Clear navigation
AWS cloud architecture

Zest Group runs its website infrastructure on AWS including content delivery and email services. By using AWS, Zest Group web application can auto scale to support sudden increases in web traffic.

AWS Global Infrastructure

To deliver content to end users with lower latency, Amazon CloudFront uses a global network of 160 Points of Presence (149 Edge Locations and 11 Regional Edge Caches) in 65 cities across 29 countries

Load Time
Optimized for Speed

Being on AWS infrastructure enables Zest website to load instantly.

Increase in Traffic
Global content delivery

Since the launch Zest saw a steady growth in traffic to their website.

Language Versions
Multi-lingual website

Zest website is not only in English but also in German and Polish.